Thursday, 26 July 2018

Laser Hair Removal - Know The Process

Unwanted hair has given many women sleepless nights. The panic of not having shaved for an impromptu date or getting absolutely no time for visiting the beauty salon at the last moment days before a wedding are relatable to most of us. This is where laser hair removal in Qatar and elsewhere comes as a blessing.

It is one of the best ways to get rid of hair and a permanent one too! Curious to know how the process works? First things first, you need to select the best center that offers the service. VLCC hair removal service is known for it and you can rely on such type of wellness and beauty centers to book an appointment.

The process begins by placing protective eye wear so that you don't accidentally injure the cornea or retina. If you want, you can shave prior to the appointment else the staff will do it for you. They will trim the hair just to a few millimeters above the surface of your skin.

Soon after this, a special cooling gel or a device is used as it helps make the treatment more effective. It helps the laser light easily penetrate through the skin.

Usually, a low-energy laser beam is used and it is made to adjust so that it fits your skin color, thickness and the hair to be removed. Before the beam is passed on, a test treatment is carried out by providing a short light to the areas to be treated. This beam of light is absorbed by the hair follicles. The practitioner will observe the abnormalities should they occur during the test.

Once this test is successful, then the laser beam is directed to every spot where you want the hair to be completely removed. However, you should know that only the active hair follicles that tend to grow are removed and not the dormant phase follicles. These are unaffected by the treatment. 
The procedure may take a few sittings so that the hair stops growing altogether. Also, when the process is over in a sitting, you may also be given ice packs, creams or cold water to soothe the treated areas. Ideally you will not need them, but it will surely help you reduce the discomfort to a major extent.

To sum it up, you may need to go for at least 3-8 sessions and if needed, additional treatments can be prescribed. This of course, depends upon person to person and how quickly their hair grows back. The sessions need to be in a gap of 4-8 weeks and based on factors such as gender, age and the service you have chosen for.


These are some of the basic steps in a permanent hair removal process using laser. For more such insightful write-ups on health and beauty, don't skip this space. We will be back with more soon!

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