Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Is Dental Implant a permanent solution to broken teeth?

Have you got a damaged or broken tooth? If yes then definitely you need a permanent solution.
Have you heard of dental implant? Let’s understand what it is and how it can help you. It is a
permanent solution to missing teeth. This technique renders a long-lasting and naturally looking
substitute of the missing tooth. The replica tooth fits in jawbone like a veritable tooth and maintains
oral health. It is made up of titanium metal which fuses easily with living jaw bone. This fusion is
known as “osseo-integrate”. Since 1970, when dental implant was introduced numerous
improvements have been made in this area.

Dental implant surgery is carried out under the influence of local anesthesia. To make a note before
you undergo this surgery- if you feel gentle vibrations even after application of anesthesia then don’t
panic because it is not harmful and will be tolerable. The surgery is minimally invasive and leverages
little discomfort post operation. It takes two to four months to heal a single implant and crown is
attached only after complete fusion of the implant and jawbone. Moreover, bone density of the lost
tooth has a great influence on healing time- denser bones can be integrated early in comparison to
light bones. Successful integration is followed by crown fitting which will look and function exactly
like the original tooth. This is a single stage procedure.

In two-stage procedures, a connector is attached with the implant known as ‘abutment’ which
allows surrounding gum to heal around it. After the healing is done, a crown is attached to the

    Types of Dental Implant treatments

  1. Single tooth replacement- A tooth or missing tooth space is substituted by one implant and
one crown.

 2. Multiple tooth replacement- A bridge of implants is created to substitute the space of
multiple missing teeth. For example, space of three missing teeth will be replaced by a
three-unit bridge which encompasses two implants and three crowns. In cases of complete
jaw replacement four to eight implants are necessary using fixed bridgework.

 3. Combination of fixed and removable bridgework- As the name suggests it comprises both
fixed and a temporary bridgework which can be removed after some time.

4. Over-dentures- A denture is a set of removable false teeth. Over-dentures are used in cases
when multiple implants are fitted. It is used for people who have lost all teeth.

5. Temporary implant- These serve as anchor units to move some other tooth
6. Temporary bridgework- This saves a person from staying without teeth while permanent
implants are doing their work.

Same Day Dental Implants is a dental clinic based in Dubai. They provide services for single tooth
implants, multiple teeth implants and full mouth implants. Their surgeons are proficient in dentistry
and have delivered numerous successful results.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Teeth Whitening Procedure and Its Benefits

If your teeth have turned yellow, then there's no shocking fact because it's a part of aging process. Our hair turns grey with time, and similarly, teeth tend to discolor with age. The inner part of our teeth is known as dentin and the outer portion as enamel. Many of us presume it awry that it is enamel which starts discoloring with time, however, according to medical science the discoloration happens in the dentin. Teeth are self-repairing structures which turn dentin darker and enamel thinner due to wear, grinding, chewing, etc. This activity makes teeth look yellow and dirty. A remedy to restore the white shine of teeth is to undergo whitening treatment by an experienced dentist. There are two types of such treatment- vital and non-vital.

Vital Whitening

If your teeth haven't undergone root canal treatment, then this procedure is for you. According to your comfort, you can get this therapy done either at dentist's clinic or your home.


Duration of treatment- 30 - 90 minutes
Sittings required- 1 to 3
It is a standard whitening procedure for teeth which uses strong concertation of hydrogen peroxide in the form of gel on tooth's surface. This process involves the projection of a specialized light on the applied agile gel to fasten the activity. It has three simple steps:
1.       Firstly, a gum protecting substance will be used in your mouth to cover the gums.
2.       Then, the tooth whitening gel will be applied evenly to your teeth.
3.     As mentioned before, this gel activates on the projection of a specialized light; hence, in this step,      your dentist will protrude the =light on your teeth for the effects to take place.
4.   After this sitting, if your teeth still seem discolored then another session would be required to obliterate the deposited dirt.


Duration of treatment- 2 weeks to 4 weeks
In-home care takes a different tangent to whitening process. What is not involved in this process is the need of the specialized light which played a significant role in the in-office procedure. Under the in-home process, your dentist will take impressions of your upper and lower jaws to get mouthpieces designed for you. You need to fit these mouthpieces in your teeth after greasing them with a whitening agent. You would need to wear the mouthpieces every day for at least 6-7 hours.

Non-Vital Whitening- This process is for you if your tooth has undergone root canal treatment ever. The steps to this therapy involve filling the whitening agent inside the root canalled tooth and then covering it with temporary filling for the whitening effects to take place. This process is followed further to achieve the desired brightness.


·           Teeth appear healthy and bright.
·           You can select teeth shade of your choice.
·           Boosted confidence while opening mouth and smiling.
·           It is the most conservative way to brighten the teeth.
·           It improves oral health.
·           Easy maintenance.

Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Lookswoow Dental Clinic and Teeth Whitening Spa in Dubai is one of the most prestigious dental clinics in the city. You can seek guidelines on cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, how to brush, how to floss, oral health maintenance regimes, etc. by specialists.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Things to Consider Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

If you are planning to undergo plastic surgery, then you must hold firm points to justify the favor. Thorough research and careful planning should be your homework in addition to specialist consultation. There are advanced aesthetic devices which can develop a virtual image before surgery and which as expected, should match the results of the surgery. However, you should not blindly rely on these implicit promises because there have been cases of aesthetic operations which went wrong. This does not necessarily mean that these aesthetic surgeries are fake. However, your analysis and consultation with a specialist and necessity of treatment can give a better inclination.

The following are five main things to consider before you opt for plastic surgery:

1.   Figure out if the surgery is necessary- Discuss with your specialist if the surgery is essential according to your body's adherence power. If you want to undergo this surgery to rectify the defects caused by accident then you should be careful in taking a final decision because the incurred losses have already disturbed the internal system. Similarly, if it is a congenital disability then see if you can hide the affected area with some external means.

2.   Plan your expenses- These surgeries usually hit heavy on pockets, hence, create a rough plan of your expenses to know if the surgery will prove beneficial to you and your family financially. Check with your insurance provider if they can accept your claim because mostly aesthetic surgeries are not reimbursable by insurance companies. If you are not eligible for a claim then plan your funds for surgery and medications.

3.    Say no to smoking- Yes! You read it right. The reason to quit smoking before the surgery is smoking can cause complications and can lead to serious side effects. It is advisable to leave smoking before and after two weeks of the surgery. Smoking can hinder speedy recovery after surgery.

4.  Understand risks- Make sure you seek explanation on risks associated with your case. Understand your risk report minutely before you attempt for the surgery.

5.   Know recovery time- Since this is a surgery, you'll require some time to recover. If you are working, then you may need to schedule leaves because your surgery involves healing time. Plan your everyday activities according to instructions given by your surgeon.

Plastic surgery in Dubai

The Al Khayal Clinic, a department of American Academy of Cosmetics surgery Hospital is widely renowned for its specialist consultation and surgeons. If you are looking for a plastic surgeonin Dubai, then seek consultation from Al Khayal Clinic's professional specialists.

Same Day Dental Implant Treatment for Natural Looking Teeth

Are you looking out for a quick remedy to fill the space of your missing tooth? If yes then it's understood that you want to fix this at earl

iest possible to recoup your smile. Need not worry because dental departments have contrived immediate tooth implants. In this implant process, a metallic bone like artificial tooth is fixed in the place where the original tooth existed. A quick advantage you earn here is that the implant can take place immediately after the real tooth is extracted out. The materials which form an artificial tooth are compatible with jaws and its bones. Hence, it is an entirely safe installation. If you are going for the same day implant, then you are getting all your fixes done in a single day and probably in just one sitting.

Are same day implants considered safe?

Undeniably! If performed precisely by specialists then these tooth implants are utterly unscathed, unlike old tooth implant techniques which were full of inherent risks. As a part of groundwork, a dentist will always perform 3-D X-ray of the affected tooth space. After getting the implant accomplished, you will have to follow a specific diet as prescribed by your dentist till the affected area heals. Don't panic if you suffer pain for a couple of days initially because the pain will weaken down to zero percent shortly.

What are its advantages and risks?

·         It is a permanent fixture which is a replica of the original tooth.
·         The surgery does not make any stitches.
·         A single surgery can accomplish the task.
·         It leverages protection to gums.
·         After this surgery, you have no partial dentures.
·         It prevents teeth crowing for a bridge.
·         It is less painful than any implant procedures.

In addition to advantages of this implant, it is significant to examine if your gums are healthy enough to undergo an implant procedure. As per AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) you are a good candidate to undergo this implant if you and your gums are in good general health. The height of jawbone also plays a vital role before the implant can be carried out. A specialist will take attentive measures to fix jawbone height with minimal hassle. According to ADA (American Dental Association) diseases like diabetes and leukemia can hinder healing process after implant and smoking can duple the risk factors.

Implants in Safe Hands

If you are looking for dental implants in Dubai then Same Day Dental Implants is a best dental institute for you. The specialists here provide reliable solutions and adhere to latest technology procedures.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

قائمة المراجعة قبل عملية ترميم الانف

يمكنك القول ان الاهمية تاتي في التفاصيل الصغيرة بالنسبة لعملية ترميم الانف. فالجراح ذو الخبرة في اجراء العملية يكمنه ان يتلاعب بنسيج الانف الحساس لتحسين مظهره و في بعض الاحيان تحسين طريقة قيام الانف بوظيفته. ان اختيار الجراح المناسب للعملية هي الخطوة الاولى التي يجب عليك التفكير فيها قبل القيام بعملية ترميم الانف. ووضع قائمة مراجعة وشطب الاعمال عنها واحدة تلو الاخرى في سياق التحضير للعملية يساعدك على الاسترخاء في فترة الشفاء بعد عملية ترميم الانف.

ملئ الثلاجة و تجهيز المخزن

مع الرغم من انك لن تشعر بالجوع لحظة وصولك الى المنزل بعد عملية ترميم الانف, الا ان الثلاجة الممتلئة  ستساعدك في ما بعد. ننصحك بشراء الاطعمة الطرية مثل اللبن والجيلو حتى تتمكن من الاكل في الوقت الذي لا تزال تشعر فيه الترنح من جراء التخدير. قد يساعد البسكويت المملح او بطعم الفانيلا اثناء الشعور بالغثيان بعد العملية. وعليك تخزين الاطعمة الصحية الاخرى التي يسهل مضغها و اكلها مثل البيض الذي يزودك بكمية وافرة من البروتين. والفواكه ايضا من الخيارات الاخرى الصحية كما هو الخضار الطري.

اذا كنت ات الذي تطهو الطعام في البيت فعليك تجميد وجبات كافية لمدة اسبوع حتى تتعافى وتتمكن من طهو الوجبات مثل اللازانيا.

اتخاذ الترتيبات المناسبة للحيوانات الاليفة او للعناية بالاطفال

على الرغم من ان الذهاب في نزهة مع كلبك الاليف طريقة جيدة في ابقائك نشيطا بعد اسبوع من عملية ترميم الانف,الا انه على الارجح في الايام القليلة التي تلي العملية عليك اعطاء هذه المهمة الى شخص آخر. وظّف جليس حيوانات اليفة اذا كنت بحاجة الى ذلك او اعطي هذه المهمة الى احد اولادك لعدة ايام.

اذا كان لديك اطفال صغار, فربما تحتاج الى توظيف جليسة اطفال للاعتناء بهم في الوقت الذي تاخذ فيه قسطا من الراحة او للحرص على اتمام وظائفهم الدراسية بعد المدرسة او حتى لاطعامهم.

ترتيب المنزل

ان الاعتناء بالاعمال المنزلية قبل العملية بيوم او اكثر من شأنه مساعدتك في ما بعد. مثلا, اغسل الحمام ونظف السجاد بالمكنسة الكهربائية او امسح الارضية, واغسل ورتب الصحون. وهكذا, يصبح لديك منزل نظيف قبل الشروع في العملية.

كما ان الانتهاء من غسيل الملابس والشراشف عامل مساعد قبل العملية للعودة الى المنزل ممتلئ الادراج بشراشف وثياب داخلية وجوارب نظيفة.

ملئ خزانة الادوية

قد يساعدك قبل عملية الانف او الترميم الطلب من الجراح اعطاءك وصفة طبية للادوية التي يمكن ان تأخذها بعد العملية حتى تتمكن من شرائها قبل الاجراء ولا تقلق من بعدها بشأنهم.

تحديد خيارات الترفيه

يمكن لفترة الشفاء بعد عملية الانف ان تكون ممتعة اذا خططت للترفيه خلالها. احضر الافلام والمسلسلات التلفزيونية التي تريد ان تشاهدها, واجلب الكتب وحتى دفاتر التلوين ايضا!  

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Time Saving Beauty Products New Moms Will Us

If you are a new mom then you must be experiencing quirky leakage from your breasts. This isn't an abnormality, rather your body is coping up with the change and this shall go normal after few weeks of baby birth. Breast leakage will happen irrespective of time, day or night. A solution to breast leakage is to use nursing pads. These are circular or heart-shaped absorbent pads which need to be worn within bra cups. Whenever breasts are leaking these pads absorb the released milk and prevent your clothes from milk stains. The amount and frequency of milk leakage differ from female to female. Nursing pads are a rescue from stains, smell and dripping nipples.

Why use Nursing Pads?

In final weeks of pregnancy and in starting few weeks of pregnancy, milk leakage is observed from the female's breasts. This is because during this time the mother's body starts preparing for sufficient milk for baby's feeding. Until your baby and body get aligned into fine synchronization of breastfeeding, leakage persists. There are no alarms to this dripping and it can happen anytime around the clock. To settle this activity externally, nursing pads have been introduced to absorb the leakage. These pads put no harm to the mother or child's body, rather it stops the mess that would have been caused by milk leaks.

Benefits of Nursing Pads

·         Every mother may not face this problem; however, most of them do. It is not necessary to use these pads, but, if used you'll be less messy. The following are a few benefits of breast pads:
·         These are soft lining pads and aren't visible from outside.
·         These pads won't get displaced as an adhesive on other side sticks to bra and is easily removable when its job is done.

·         These pads are based on use and throw mechanism. You need not put your efforts to wash them up for reuse. Once, the job is done dump them and pick a new one for use.
·         Surveys have figured out that these make breathing difficult, however, breast pads composed of breathable layers comforts breathing process.
·         Breast pads don't harm you as these are cotton made and are softer on the skin.
·         Using these pads in completely safe and hygienic.
·         You get no stains on your clothes and you can stop using them anytime after leakage gets controlled.

Cool & Cool- Mother Care Products in Dubai

If you are looking for good quality mother care products in Dubai then prefer none less than Cool & Cool. Its nursing pads are highly recommendable and quality product. The product has been tested for quality and has passed all tests which signal that these don't leverage any side effects.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

فن الرفع الطبيعي للثدي

ان دراسة الفن معقدة اكثر مما تظهر. فقد يتبين ان الفن محصور في المتاحف والمعارض العريقة, بينما هو موجود حولنا وفي كل مكان. ولكن لا يمكن لاي شيئ ان يصور الفن مثلما يصوره الجسم البشري. يمكن القول ان دراسة الفن هو فحص مطول لمظهر الجسم البشري. لذلك هذا احدى الاسباب لاضفاء لمسة فنية مثالية على عمليات التجميل مثل الرفع الطبيعي للثدي.

علّمنا تاريخ الفن ان صورة الجسم المثالي تتغير مع مرور القرون. فالتكنولوجيا المتوفرة التي تتيح الوصول الى الجسد المثالي تتطور باستمرار. ان عملية الرفع الطبيعي للثدي عملية بسيطة ولكن لديها تاثير دراماتيكي من دون اعطاء مظهر مصطنع.

اذا كنت ترغبين في اعادة الشباب الى مظهرك او مجرد مساعدة جسمك على ذلك, فعملية الرفع الطبيعي للثدي هي الحل المثالي الذي يعطيك  الشكل الذي تبحثين عنه. هناك بعض الانواع المختلفة من عملية الرفع الطبيعي للثدي:

·         رفع كامل للثدي
·         رفع للثدي معدّل
·         رفع لثدي خضع للتكبير سابقا
  • رفع للثدي مع تكبير 

يعتمد اختيار العملية المناسبة لك على عدة عوامل من ضمنها نوع جسمك ومرونة الجلد والصحة العامة وتوقعاتك. في الحالة المثالية, عليك البدأ باستشارة جراح تجميل متمرس. عندها يمكنكم مناقشة الخيارات وماذا تتمنين الحصول عليه من العملية. فالتوقعات الواقعية مهمة في هذه الحالة.

على جراح التجميل الذي تقومين باستشارته ان يكون مجازا وحائزا على شهادة في الفنون او تدريب معتمد في الفنون. فهذا يؤكد على اختيارك جراحا خبيرا ومتمرسا الى جانب اضفاء النظرة الفنية على النتيجة النهائية للعملية.

Monday, 16 October 2017

ما علاقة عملية شفط الدهون بالوزن؟

تتفوق عملية شفط الدهون باستمرار على عمليات تجميل الجسم الاخرى على مدار السنة. تبدو عملية شفط الدهون جذابة بسبب اعطائها نتائج دراماتيكية في اقصر وقت ممكن. ولكن على رغم شهرة هذه العملية الا انها تبقى غير مفهومة عند الجميع. فسوء فهم هذه العملية وغيرها من العمليات قد يقف بينك و بين الجسم المثالي لك. لذا سنناقش هنا ما العلاقة بين عملية شفط الدهون والوزن.

شفط الدهون و مقياس الوزن

احدى الافكار التي يجب ان تزال هي ان الوزن سينقص كثيرا بعد العملية. هذه فكرة خاطئة و لا يجب ان تحدث. عملية الشفط تزيل بالفعل الدهون الزائدة. ولكن هدف العملية هو تقليص حجم منطقة معينة من الجسم مثل الفخد او البطن. فعوضا عن اعتبار عملية الشفط اداة لازالة الدهون (وبالتالي تقليص الوزن) انظري اليها كوسيلة نحت لتحسين مظهر الجسد. من خلال وجهة النظر هذه, لن تشعري بخيبة امل كبيرة عند رؤية فارق بسيط في الوزن.

الشخص المناسب لعملية شفط الدهون

اكثر الاسئلة انتشارا قبل الخضوع للعملية هي "هل انا الشخص المناسب للعملية؟" يجد الاشخاص الذين لا يحتاجون لخسارة الوزن صعوبة في تحديد ما اذا كانوا مناسبين لعملية شفط الدهون. وهذا يعود الى فكرة ان العملية تساعد على خسارة الوزن. لذلك فان تغيير وجهة النظر حول هدف شفط الدهون سيساعد المرضى الذين يرون وزنهم غير مناسب على اعادة التفكير في هذه العملية لنحت الجسد.

نتائج شفط الدهون على المدى الطويلة 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Breast Implant Decision

After making the decision to have breast augmentation, you also need to make micro-decisions specific to the procedure. Choosing which breast implant type, size, and shape is one of these micro-decisions. An overview of the different implant choices below can help you figure out which ones will suit your aesthetic goals and preferences.
Saline Implants

These implants are made of saline with an outer silicone shell and are approved by the FDA for women who are over 18 years of age. They only require tiny incisions (which is actually an advantage due to less likelihood of obvious scarring) as the saline is only injected once the implant is put into place. An implant rupture from saline implants does not pose any health risk because the sterile saline solution will be naturally absorbed by the body.
Other advantages of saline implants include the following:
·         generally expensive than silicone implants
·         typically has a firmer feel than their silicon counterparts
·         available in various projections to suit different breast shapes

Silicone Implants

Approved by the FDA for women who are 22 years of age, silicone implants are preferred by many because they have a more natural feel and look than their saline counterparts. These implants are pre-filled with silicone gel which requires larger incisions than saline implants.
Silicone implants also have the added benefits:
·         breast implant rupture and rippling rarely happen in silicone implants
·         silicone implants give the upper breast a more normal sloped appearance which makes it look more natural
·         silicone implants typically last longer than saline implants

Gummy Bear Implants

These implants are also known as cohesive gel silicone implants and are approved by the FDA for women who are 22 years old and above. The silicone in these implants have a gummy bear-like consistency and are usually thicker than traditional silicone implants. The firm nature of gummy bear implants can either be perceived as a benefit or a drawback. It becomes a benefit because it provides for a more natural feel while it becomes a drawback because it requires larger incisions to be inserted.
Teardrop vs. Round Implants

Teardrop implants offer the most natural look and feel because they create a sloped appearance similar to that of natural breasts. However, they require the skills of a surgeon who have lots of experience in placing teardrop implants. If the pocket in which the implant is inserted is not correctly done, the implant will most likely flip resulting to a misshapen-looking breast.

On the other hand, round implants are ideal for women who want to have soft, fuller, and well-proportioned breasts which can emphasize cleavage. However, they can look more artificial than teardrop implants.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

كيفية اختيار زرع الثدي المناسب

بعد اخذ القرار باجراء عملية تكبير الثدي, عليك التفكير بدقة في عدة نواح متعلقة بالعملية. احدى هذه النواحي تقرير حجم الزرع ونوعه وشكله. هذه النظرة العامة على مختلف خيارات الزرع ستساعدك على اختيار الزرع الذي يتناسب مع احتياجاتك وميولك 
بالنسبة للجمال.

زرع المحلول الملحي

هذا النوع من الزرع مصنوع من المحلول الملحي داخل قشرة من السيليكون وقد وافقت ادارة الاغذية والعقاقير الامريكية على استخدامه للنساء ما فوق الثامنة عشر من العمر. يحتاج الزرع لجروح صغيرة فقط ( وهذه احدى فوائد الزرع لتقليل الندوب الظاهرة) حيث لا يحقن المحلول الا من بعد ادخال الزرع في مكانه. و تمزق الزرع داخل الثدي لا يؤدي الى مشاكل صحية حيث ان الجسم سيمتص بشكل طبيعي المحلول المعقم.

بعض الفوائد الاخرى لزرع المحلول المائي تتضمن:

·         يعطي احساسا متينا اكثر من السيليكون
·         متوفر بمختلف الاشكال ليناسب اشكال الثدي المتنوعة
زرع السيليكون

بعد اخذ موافقة ادارة الاغذية والعقاقير الامريكية, اصبح زرع السيليكون مفضلا عند الكثير من النساء بسبب اعطائه الثدي احساسا ومظهرا طبيعيا اكثر من نظيره المكون من المحلول الملحي. يأتي هذا الزرع معبأ مسبقا بجل السيليكون لذلك يحتاج الى جرح اكبر من الجرح في زرع المحلول الملحي.

ايضا, لدى زرع السيليكون فوائد اضافية:

·         من النادر حدوث تمزق او تموج في رزع السيليكون
·         يعطي زرع السيليكون اعلى الثدي مظهرا منحيا مما يجعل الثدي شكلا طبيعيا اكثر
·         يدوم زرع السيليكون بشكل عام اكثر من زرع المحلول الملحي
بين الزرع الكروي والزرع على شكل دمعة 
يقدم الزرع على شكل الدمعة مظهرا واحساسا طبيعيا للثدي حيث انه يخلق مظهرا منحدرا مشابها للثدي الطبيعي. ولكن هذا الزرع يحتاج لجراح تجميل ماهر لديه الخبرة في وضع زرع من هذا الشكل. فاذا كان التجويف الذي يوضع فيه الزرع  منفذ  بشكل سيئ, فان الزرع سينقلب لينتج عنه ثدي مشوه المظهر.

وعلى جهة اخرى فان الزرع الكروي مثالي للنساء التي ترغب بثدي ناعم وممتلئ ومتناسق لابراز شق الصدر. ولكن قد يكون مظهر الزرع اصطناعيا بالمقارنة مع الزرع على شكل الدمعة. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Tips for preventing Gum Disease

The need for prevention of gum disease is more urgent than ever since more and more research about gum disease is surfacing. Gum disease happens when gum tissue and surrounding bones become infected. Gingivitis, a type of gum disease, affects only the gums. Periodontitis is one of the most severest form of gum disease affecting the gums as well as the bones supporting your teeth. Gum disease is a major threat since it is linked to serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. Many people aren’t even aware they have gum disease until it’s too late, so you’ll want to be sure to take extra precaution. To help, our Dubai Dentists have compiled the following tips helping to prevent gum disease from developing.
1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene
Good dental care is crucial for healthy gums even though it may seem obvious. Brushing your teeth is not only enough but also you should add flossing to your dental hygiene routine thereby reducing the risk of plaque building up and damaging your gums. An antimicrobial mouthwash low in alcohol can also be used and it is also beneficial to your oral health.
2. Increase Intake of Vitamin C
Deficiency in Vitamin C have proven to be one of the leading causes of gum disease. Including more vitamin C in your diet help in preventing gum disease from developing and also in curing gum disease. Vitamin C has healing properties stopping gums from swelling, receding, bleeding, and also stabilizing loosened teeth.
3. Eat a healthy diet
Maintaining a healthy diet helps in preventing gum disease. Avoid adding sugary foods and drinks since this will lead to tooth decay and gum damage. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet filled with vitamins and minerals boosts immunity and treat many diseases, including gum disease.
4. Stay Hydrated
Prevention of gum disease involves staying hydrated and promoting overall health. Drinking plenty of water produces more saliva which helps fight off bacteria that cause infection of your gums.
5. Stop smoking
Smoking cigarettes and using tobacco products can cause countless health issues, particularly gum disease. Tobacco products are very harmful to your gum tissues and need to be avoided at all cost.
6. See your Dentist Regularly
Seeing your dentist regularly cannot be stressed enough. Getting professional teeth cleaning is the best preventative measure for gum disease. It is also important to visit your dentist regularly so they can check for any warning signs of gum disease and other dental issues.
Gum disease is not only harmful to your oral health, but also to your overall health. It’s crucial that you follow the above recommendations to lower your risk for gum disease. Visit Lookswoow’s Dubai Dental Clinic for more tips and information about preventing gum disease.