Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Differences Between Dental Implants and Bridges

dental implants abu dhabidental implants abu dhabi

Do people call you an “old-goat” because of those missing or lost teeth? Are you embarrassed to give a speech, eat in public, or smile wide, because of this problem? Well, don’t be. Medical science has made a progress to the point that your lost teeth can be “found” and deliver you a confident smile again.  

Lost teeth can be replaced, by relying either on dental implants or dental bridges. These are the two most popular options available to replace and renew your teeth. However, making a choice between the two might be confusing. Ever wondered what is the difference between the two?

 So, here is a brief guide about the differences between dental implants and bridges –  

·         Meaning  
Dental implant refers to an artificial tooth made of titanium, that connects to the jawbone. A surgical process is required to fixate the dental implant inside the jaw bone, forming a close bond with the bone. This is a biological process called as osteointegration, which fuses the implant with the bone so that it is firmly anchored in position.  

Dental bridges, as the name suggests, literally bridge the gap between the missing teeth. A metal structure with porcelain cover sits over the gap left by your missing teeth and bonds with your natural teeth.  In short, artificial teeth are joined to the adjoining natural, healthy teeth. It helps in recreating a natural and attractive look, all over again.  

·         Completion time 
Dental implants in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere generally take an hour for a single implant and might take longer for multiple implants. However, once it has been placed, it takes about 4 to 6 months to heal. It is thus important to understand that you are committing to a long process. 

A dental bridge can be completed in two sessions. However, it needs more time to fuse with the bone, once the surgery is completed. It takes about 3 to 6 months for the patient to get routinized and feel comfortable with the dental bridges. 

·         Maintenance and oral hygiene  
You need to be doubly careful while taking care of the dental implants. There is no need for a specialized brush or floss. However, one needs to be cautious while flossing or even brushing to prevent inflammation and bleeding.  

When it comes to maintaining dental bridges, one should use soft-bristled toothbrush and brush after every meal. There is a specialized kind of super floss and floss threaders which come for caring of the dental bridges, which you can use after consulting your dentist.  

·         Appearance 
Unlike bridges, dental implants do not require any modifications to the surrounding teeth and thus provide the highest quality of aesthetic results. They provide exceptional stability and comfort and function just like normal teeth. 

Dental bridges, on the other hand, look very natural but possess the risk of the opening up of the gaps. They might also lead to the damage of the adjoining teeth and further create stressful situations. 

Both the processes yield results and deliver a warm smile. But whether to choose dental implants or dental bridges for the process of enhancing your appearance totally depends on your personal choice.  

Friday, 6 July 2018

Signs of Effective Dental Practices You Should Know

Chosen a dentist for yourself already? Well, is he credible enough to take care of you and your family’s smiles? A unique approach to patient care and incorporating the new trends are a must-must for quality service. The dental clinic services should leave a lasting impression on you, and you should walk out as a ‘happy customer’.

How do you define these effective dental practices? Well, here are some must-have signs, that you should be aware of –

1.       Patient Education Tools

Over the years, the physician-centric model has evolved to becomes a patient-centered strategy. Has your dentist progressed in the same manner? Think about it. Well, patient education is necessary as a part and parcel of the treatment and for achieving excellent outcomes. Your dentist should provide you with all the information to keep you updated and empowered.

With the cutting-age technology, dental clinics can also make use of social media platforms to lead various question-answer sessions, discussion panels and so on. This will speed-up your learning process and help you take a step towards practicing self-care.

2.       Array of services

Do you have to go hunting a different dental clinic all together for the services which your dentist does not provide? We understand, that this might be a time-consuming and stressful task for you. Well, then why don’t you opt for a dental clinic which provides you all the necessary services under a single roof?

The Dubai dental clinic and clinics elsewhere, that provide an array of services to meet the growing community needs, might be the one that you are looking for. This will help instill faith in your mind about the dentist you are looking up to. Be sure to choose a dentist that delivers diagnosis and treatments of all the small and critical ailments.

3.       Availability of flexible financial options

Worried about the handsome amount you need to pay to your dentist immediately after the treatment? Sit back, relax, and pick a dental service that offers you wide range of convenient payment options. Your dentist should complete the dental procedure and space out the payment according to your convenience.

In addition to this, also look out for the insurance coverage. The clinic has to offer. This will help you to arrange your resources and make timely payments.

A patient’s experience should be top-notch, and these effective dental practices will help you achieve the same.


A patient or a customer needs to be very careful while choosing dental services because it can either make or ruin your smile forever. These simple techniques help you identify the best dentist for you and your loved ones.

3 Best Ways to Care for Your Child’s Oral Health

Are you constantly worried about your child’s precious smile? Are you clueless or confused about how to take care of your little one’s teeth? Well, caring for children’s teeth can be different than watching out for your own. A careful approach to oral hygiene, right since childhood can foster good dental habits as your child grows.

Help make dental hygiene fun for your child, with these 3 simple tips –

1.       Brushing

Have you ever explained to your kids that why do you make them stick a long plastic brush in their mouth and rub it in the mouth, every day? Well, they probably want to know.

Once they understand the importance of daily brushing, you will achieve their willingness to do the task that otherwise seems tiring or unnecessary. Their acceptance to follow a brushing schedule will make your job easier.

To make the activity more fun, try switching to different kinds of toothpaste after every two months. Kids also want to enjoy a little bit of control over the products they use. Hence, allow them to pick a toothbrush of their choice. Dental clinics in Dubai and elsewhere suggest that to make it seem more of an engaging activity, you can color coordinate with their toothbrush. Also, make sure that you are taking out time to brush teeth together with your little one. This will add merriment to the mundane task.

Children should brush their teeth at least for two minutes, twice in a day. You can also set up a timer every time your kid brushes, to make sure that a routine is maintained.

2.       Diet

Cavities are an unfortunate reality for many children. No, not trying to scare you at all. Well, your child too, might be at a risk of it if you are not monitoring what your little one consumes.

It is important to make healthy food choices for the safety of your kid’s teeth. It can be an aching task for you to restrain your child dearest from eating his favorite foodstuffs. But you also want to inculcate good food habits from childhood, isn’t it? Thus, eating sweets in a limited amount is a solution for both.

Avoid too much of sugar, soda, sweetened drinks, chips or juices to avoid bacteria growth and plaque buildup. Additionally, avoid sharing a spoon or a straw with your child. This will prevent the exchange of germs or bacteria.

3.       Regular Dental Visits

Not now, then when? Regular dental visits from a young age will help your child to establish dental knowledge and be more comfortable. Make sure to choose the right dentist. He should be patient, warm and understanding to make your child’s first experience a joyous one.

Contact your dentist right away if your child faces unbearable toothache or a mouth infection. Be sure to instill faith in your child’s mind and heart, so that he never is anxious about sitting in a dentist’s chair.

These simple yet important tips will aid you in keeping a check on your little one’s oral hygiene.


Time to pull up your socks and do the needful. Start with these tips today and aim at proper dental health during the vital development years.

Monday, 25 June 2018

4 Super Cool Benefits of Non-Surgical Gat Removel Procedures

Getting “fit from fat” is a sure-shot confidence booster and makes you feel better than ever. For this purpose, people take different routes, which include following rigorous workout and strict diets. But then, sometimes, even those fail to work their magic.

Enter body fat reduction using technology. However, surgery is not the only way to reduce body fat and you can opt for several non-surgical fat removal procedures, which come to your rescue. Here are 4 super cool reasons to opt for them:

1.       They are Painless with Zero side-effects

Non-surgical fat removal procedures make use of a laser beam to kill the fat cells. This makes the entire process painless and convenient for individuals. Moreover, there are zero side-effects like bruises, scars or sore skin, that is generally seen after the surgery. It is totally harmless and does not leave you with any irregularities. These make it one of the most effective ways to get in shape.
All you’ve to do is sit back and relax knowing that you don’t have to face the needles and the pain that usually follows!

2.       Feel Lighter and Fitter

Non-surgical fat removal procedures make use of specialized equipment and techniques to remove unwanted pockets of fats. Laser beams are released through the treatment pads that break down and kill the fat cells permanently. When the procedure is over, the body feel lighter and fitter. Hence, there’s no doubt in the fact that the non-surgical fat removal procedures are designed to deliver excellent results.

3.       Zero Downtime

More often than not, you’ll have hundreds of important tasks on your to-do-list, meetings lined-up, and bills to pay. This leaves little time to relax and recover from the surgery.

Non-invasive techniques effectively reduce the downtime to almost NIL. In fact, you will be free to go home soon after the procedure has been done with and resume your everyday tasks without any hassle. Even if you want to travel post the surgery, there won’t be any hiccups.

4.       Reveals Better Skin

Non-surgical fat removal helps in body contouring and gives you better confidence. The use of laser gives the skin a specific time window to conform to the weight loss. As a matter of fact, the laser beam causes skin tightening and leads to a smooth and healthy skin with no unwanted stretch marks. Who would want to say no to a better skin?!


The scope and reach of non-surgical fat removal process is growing rapidly and is delivering excellent results. You can boost your health and walk out with a new confidence after the process and lead a fit and happy life.

5 Types Of Dental Specialists

Sometimes, your smiles need some extra care than the standard cleaning, routine check-ups, and the occasional fillings. A general dentist is not “do-it-all” and will not help you when it comes to specialized problems of the teeth, gums or root canals.  For the very same purpose, there are different types of dentists for specific dental care needs.

Here is a list of 6 dental specialists to learn about so that you can go to one, depending on your needs.

1.       Pediatric Dentist

Worried about your child’s oral hygiene? Well, sit back and relax, knowing that a specialist is here to help your darling’s teeth shine, in the safest and the most comfortable way. A pediatric dentist deals with the oral health care of children, right from the crucial stages of infancy to their teenage years. Pediatric dentists closely work with pediatricians, family physicians and the parents of the child and ensure that a child will never be anxious while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

2.       Orthodontist

Tired of your out of position jaws, teeth, crooked teeth, and the tooth gaps? Well, now you don’t need to. Orthodontists, or rightly called as the “teeth alignment specialists”, specialize in the development, prevention, and correction of the irregularities of the teeth, jaws and bites. They make use of braces, palatal expander, or headgear as a part of your treatment, thus delivering you the smile, you always dreamt of!

3.       Endodontist

Ever thought of the complex problems “within” your teeth and shrugged at the thought of it? Chill out and go see an Endodontist if you face problems regarding the dental pulp or surrounding tissues. Dental clinics in Dubai or elsewhere, popularly refer to Endodontist as “the root canal specialist”, where they look after the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the inner workings of the teeth.

4.       Periodontist

Ever thought of what will happen if a tooth falls off? Yeah, this really can happen if you don’t take extra care of your gums and your teeth. A Periodontist specializes in the branch of dentistry that deals with prevention and treatment of gum-related diseases. These gum ailment experts of the industry resolve gum diseases and preserve your teeth from falling off.

5.       Prosthodontist

Dreaming of a naturally beautiful and heart-warming smile? Prosthodontists understand your concern of having a charming smile and work towards the same. They specialize in replacing or restoring lost or damaged teeth, which involves things like dental veneers, teeth whitening, fixed bridges, and crowns. Dentists in Dubai and elsewhere, specialize in this field to deal with specific traumatic injuries of the mouth and snoring and sleeping disorders.


The dentistry field is broad, and all the types of dentists are committed to improving the quality of our teeth and boosting oral hygiene. Together, they spread some smiles and help create a happier place to be in. Now smile widely, knowing that you have a brief knowledge about the types of dentists you need to visit in your lifetime.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

5 Ways to Perfect Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you feel underconfident due to your smile? Are you seeking cosmetic dentistry options but not sure of how to get a complete smile makeover? Worry not as we have compiled a list of the top ways you can perfect your smile:
1.       Correct the Tooth Gaps – Having a gap in your tooth draws all attention. The same goes for a missing tooth, which also increases the chance of decay as well as misalignment of teeth over time. Cosmetic dentists can fix this with dental bridges, partial denture or a dental implant. 

2.       Even Down the Color Variations – Stained, yellowish, greenish or greyish teeth effectively mars your entire appearance. Think of a situation wherein you have perfectly aligned teeth but that looks dull and untidy. Surely, you wouldn’t want this to happen. Do you? In such cases, your cosmetic dentist will help you pick and choose a uniform color and shade that perfectly matches your complexion. Teeth whitening is one of the most common methods to get naturally white teeth in no time.  

3.       Fix the Face Shape – When your teeth begins to age and have severe structural damage, chances are that it will make you look much older. This is where you can opt for oral maxillofacial surgery or other orthodontic procedures. These will help you fill the face and the cheek, and thereby helping you regain a youthful look. 

4.       Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth – If you have teeth that are severely misaligned (jostling for space or otherwise), you may have to opt for a full mouth reconstruction or various orthodontic treatment first. Alternatively, the smile makeover can also happen with clear braces or porcelain veneers. 

5.       Change the Tooth Shape – Do you have sets of crooked tooth? Have you chipped a tooth and it’s out of shape? Fret no more as you can have your teeth length altered by opting for gum reduction, bonding or veneers. With all the teeth in your mouth shaped evenly, you can definitely hope for a better, brighter smile!

Getting a smile makeover from cosmetic dentistry in Dubai or elsewhere is not just about getting the treatment but also taking proper after-care. Don’t forget the basics like brushing twice daily, flossing and visiting your dentist at regular intervals. You can also take care of your pearly whites by avoiding certain food and beverages so that they keep sparkling and shining, making the treatments last for a longer period.