Friday, 27 July 2018

Busting 8 Dandruff Myths That Will Make Your Say Really?!

Dandruff is a problem no one voluntarily signs up for. The white flakes are downright ugly and can prove to be detrimental in your confidence. You cannot wear black, feel embarrassed in the public and secretly wish to do something to make it vanish completely. To fight this problem, you first need to understand and bust some top myths that keep you from opting for the right dandruff treatment in Qatar. Here’s the list, which will help you out:

1.       Dandruff Shampoos are 100% Effective – Dandruff shampoo are effective for dandruff but only temporary. They are basically chemicals that help you rinse off the excess flakes from the scalp. Moreover, the shampoos contain triclosan and that be detrimental for your scalp and hair. Hence, ditch the shampoos and opt for other, milder options that can help you eliminate dandruff.

2.        Dandruff is Unhealthy – Dandruff is the result of a fungus and so, there is no reason to think that you are unhealthy or even unhygienic when you get dandruff. It’s merely dead skin tissues and you don’t have to take undue stress for something you can’t control!

3.       Dandruff Makes You Lose Hair – No, you can’t lose hair or go bald due to dandruff. It does cause itching and when you itch the hair severely, there can be a loss of hair. But it doesn’t lead to shedding of hair at all.

4.       Dry Hair Causes Dandruff – Dandruff is always caused by an oily scalp and not dry. The oily surface fosters the growth of dandruff-causing fungus. Dry scalp on the other hand may feel itchy, but can never lead to dandruff.

5.       Dandruff is Contagious – Contrary to the popular belief, dandruff is never contagious. It does not spread when you are in close contact with someone who already has dandruff.

6.       Dandruff is Cured by Listerine – Mouthwash is said to be an effective remedy for dandruff, but then, it can ruin your hair due to the chemicals present in it. Moreover, it will be a temporary relief only. Hence, you need to go for something that helps curb dandruff for a long time.

7.       Dandruff is Worsened by Weather – Dandruff is not affected by weather. It is just that the weather can make the scalp oily or moist that helps foster the fungus growth. Hence, you will get more dandruff in rainy seasons or during winters.

8.       Dandruff is Affected by Diet – Another common myth is that your diet can affect dandruff. It is baseless because what you eat will not reflect in your scalp or help in growth of the fungus. However, to maintain a healthy scalp, you can eat fresh food and drink plenty of water in general.

These are some of the common myths that are often associated with dandruff. Now that you are aware of them, it is time to nip it in the bud by going for dandruff treatment at a wellness center near you.

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