Thursday, 26 July 2018

Botox Does Not Make You Look Unnatural and Other Facts

Making changes in your physical appearance is a major decision. Botox for instance, is one of the changes that we opt for when we want to get rid of the fine lines that add years to your face. Now you may have heard a lot about botox treatment in Bahrain and elsewhere for that matter, some of which are completely baseless allegations and nothing else! We have done our research and have tried to shed light on some of the common facts that will give you more confidence to "go under the knife":
·         Get Botox Before Wrinkles Start Forming – The first common misconception is that you need to get botox only and only when you start getting the wrinkles. However, this is absolutely false as even younger people who have lines forming on their face can start the treatment as this will prevent the fine lines from spreading in the first place and getting worse as they age. This will also ensure that they will need fewer treatments down the road.

·         You Do Not Need to Have Botox Continuously – Botox injections are temporary treatments and the effect lasts for about 3-5 months. If you do not top it up, then the face will have wrinkles forming soon. However, you will not have wrinkles that will be worse than what you already had before the treatment.

·         Men Also Can Have Botox Done – Botox is not just for women. Men too can opt for the treatment to get younger looking skin and increase their confidence. This surely helps when the men need to work on their expressions when they are in professions such as law or politics.

·         Botox is Safe – Another common rumor about botox is that it is not a safe treatment. However, in 1989, the treatment was approved by the FDA and also, for cosmetic use in 2002. There have been several testings done to make sure that the treatment is safe and is practiced by only the qualified professionals in various centers around the world. There would be very few people who would opt for it if it wasn't safe.

·         Botox is Not Filler – Botox and fillers are thought of as the same treatment only because both help people appear younger. The former helps curb dynamic lines while the latter are for static lines.

·         Botox Doesn't Leave You Look Frozen – The dreaded face freeze! No people, botox will not leave you look frozen or make you appear unnatural at all! It is just that people who have mixed up a number of treatments alongside botox, have experienced some weird results and gave it a bad rap. The treatment lessens certain facial movements,but doesn't completely stop them!

·         Botox Injections are Not Painful – Contrary to what people think and say, botox injections are anything but painful. They are very fine and hurts even less than just a small pinch! You won't even feel anything as the treatment is quick and gets done within about 15 minutes.

Now that you know the facts, you can give botox a try and see how it can help you appear youthful. All you have to do is choose the best center for the treatment and you'll be good to go!

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