Friday, 6 July 2018

3 Best Ways to Care for Your Child’s Oral Health

Are you constantly worried about your child’s precious smile? Are you clueless or confused about how to take care of your little one’s teeth? Well, caring for children’s teeth can be different than watching out for your own. A careful approach to oral hygiene, right since childhood can foster good dental habits as your child grows.

Help make dental hygiene fun for your child, with these 3 simple tips –

1.       Brushing

Have you ever explained to your kids that why do you make them stick a long plastic brush in their mouth and rub it in the mouth, every day? Well, they probably want to know.

Once they understand the importance of daily brushing, you will achieve their willingness to do the task that otherwise seems tiring or unnecessary. Their acceptance to follow a brushing schedule will make your job easier.

To make the activity more fun, try switching to different kinds of toothpaste after every two months. Kids also want to enjoy a little bit of control over the products they use. Hence, allow them to pick a toothbrush of their choice. Dental clinics in Dubai and elsewhere suggest that to make it seem more of an engaging activity, you can color coordinate with their toothbrush. Also, make sure that you are taking out time to brush teeth together with your little one. This will add merriment to the mundane task.

Children should brush their teeth at least for two minutes, twice in a day. You can also set up a timer every time your kid brushes, to make sure that a routine is maintained.

2.       Diet

Cavities are an unfortunate reality for many children. No, not trying to scare you at all. Well, your child too, might be at a risk of it if you are not monitoring what your little one consumes.

It is important to make healthy food choices for the safety of your kid’s teeth. It can be an aching task for you to restrain your child dearest from eating his favorite foodstuffs. But you also want to inculcate good food habits from childhood, isn’t it? Thus, eating sweets in a limited amount is a solution for both.

Avoid too much of sugar, soda, sweetened drinks, chips or juices to avoid bacteria growth and plaque buildup. Additionally, avoid sharing a spoon or a straw with your child. This will prevent the exchange of germs or bacteria.

3.       Regular Dental Visits

Not now, then when? Regular dental visits from a young age will help your child to establish dental knowledge and be more comfortable. Make sure to choose the right dentist. He should be patient, warm and understanding to make your child’s first experience a joyous one.

Contact your dentist right away if your child faces unbearable toothache or a mouth infection. Be sure to instill faith in your child’s mind and heart, so that he never is anxious about sitting in a dentist’s chair.

These simple yet important tips will aid you in keeping a check on your little one’s oral hygiene.


Time to pull up your socks and do the needful. Start with these tips today and aim at proper dental health during the vital development years.

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