Monday, 22 January 2018

Facial Products for Men to Enhance Their Facial Beauty

What is a men's face wash?
A face wash is composed of gentle cleansing ingredients, unlike the traditional soap bars which use fatty substances. It is a foaming facial cleanser which removes impurities while keeping the skin's natural soft emollients intact. A good face wash appears mild and moisturizes the skin.
Why is it preferred over soap?

Traditional soaps act pretty harshly when they cleanse the skin. These soaps also lack gentle surfactants and natural oils to cleanse the skin. Face wash or face scrubs use their oil absorbing power to remove dead skin and cleanse the dirt out.

What is a men's face scrub?

Our skin rejuvenates by shredding cells after every 28 days. The new healthy skin forms by replacing the dead skin cells with new cells. This process is known as exfoliation. If dead cells are not removed, then these accumulate and block the pores. This accumulation leads to blackheads, breakouts and dull, dirty appearance of the skin. Traditional soaps usually cannot remove the dead cells as they are harsh on the surface. Hence, scientists have formulated face scrub which contains small particles and other healthy ingredients to wash out the dead cell layer from the face physically. A good scrub softens the bonds between the dead cells and eventually rejoices the damaged skin by removing those cells.

When and how a men's face wash should be used?

You should use face wash while taking a shower and before doing beard shave. Wash your face with lukewarm water and apply a little portion of face wash on your face. Lather evenly from face to neck and massage for 20- 30 seconds. After that, rinse your face with water and apply some moisturizer. Ensure using face wash is on your to-do list every time you are over a sink to wash your face.

When and how a men's face scrub should be used?

Face scrub should be used after every alternate day. The more you massage with a scrub, the more you'll exfoliate your skin. Apply a small amount of scrub on your face and neck and massage gently for approx. 5-10 minutes. Its small particles will get rubbed against your skin and clean the blocked pores. It also enhances blood circulation. Tightly close your eyes and mouth while carrying out this procedure because these two are the most sensitive areas of the face.

Facial Products for Men in Dubai

Cool & Cool presents clinically tested men's facial scrub and face wash for refreshing and revitalizing your damaged skin. Its proVB5 formula exfoliates skin without leaving it dry. They are an online store and can deliver facial products to men at your doorstep.

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