Sunday, 21 January 2018

Do's and Don'ts after Dental Implants

Have you just gone through a dental implant? If yes, then your duty starts right here in helping the recovery of your impacted tooth. Medications and natural healing will be able to perform their job efficiently if you assist by taking specific measures. Importantly, without fail, you should follow all the guidelines given by your dentist. The following are a few dos and don'ts which should be followed post a dental implant:

Recovery- Because you recently had an implant does not mean that you can skip your teeth brushing activity. Maintaining oral hygiene is weighty for a tangible improvement in the majority of tooth jobs. Some safety measures must be strictly followed with the operated tooth, like, twice a day brushing should be gently done. Brushing teeth with regular water may cause bleeding, hence, rotate warm salt water in the mouth to subject teeth to the benefits of salt. You can spit the water into the sink after each rotation. This activity should be performed two to three times every day, starting after 24 hrs of surgery. You may face discomfort initially; however, it will normalize gradually. It is not advisable to treat the jaws hastily till the impacted tooth/teeth recover entirely. Follow all medications & restrictions as prescribed by your doctor and keep punctual on specified visits. In cases of a bit intense and unexpected discomfort, ring into your dentist immediately.

Lifestyle- People usually undergoes this treatment because their one or more tooth has damaged and was likely to affect the adjacent ones because of their eating or hygiene habits. Even after this surgery, your oral habits remain same, which were responsible for your tooth damage, then you will surely need to suffer more implants, and this won't go well with your overall health. Strictly prohibit the use of tobacco, extensive sugar intake, or any such eatable which can hamper your oral health.

Dental Hygiene- Regular check-ups with a dentist, becomes a mandate after this surgery. You should maintain good dental hygiene because it is crucial not only for the implants but, also for the natural teeth. A protective fibrous layer exists between our teeth and gums which keeps infections away, however with an implanted tooth the layer does not exist anymore, and hence, you are required to stay protective by undertaking dental hygiene measures.

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