Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Primary Reasons for Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery

A nose job is a type of cosmetic surgery which in technical terms is known as rhinoplasty. It is versatile because it possesses the capability of addressing a wide range of issues. It is one of the most customizable cosmetic procedures. The first rhinoplasty surgery is known as primary rhinoplasty. If the patient has to undergo another rhinoplasty may be because his/her doctor was not skilled or because of some complications then it is known as revision rhinoplasty.

·         Breathing problems- Skilled surgeons make sure nasal functions are up to the mark after the nose job. However, specific complexities with nasal structures may arise in cartilage, bone or skin and may demand another rhinoplasty to fix the issues. A person may face nasal valve collapse or may find an unexpected look which can eventually cause breathing problems. Such problems can be sorted out with a revision surgery of the nose.

·         Residual issues- Usually people undergo an aesthetic surgery to beautify the look which nature did not provide them. Many people are anti-obsessed with the structures of their nose. A hump on the nose, wide or narrow nose or peak on the nasal tip are a few common issues because of which people opt for a nose job. In some instances, the surgeon may fail to address the nasal bumps or beautify the structure of nose in primary nose job. This discrepancy calls a need for secondary nose job surgery.

·         Poor healing- A patient will have to get his/her nose addressed to a skilled surgeon if his/her nose could not heal entirely as expected post first surgery. Factors like nasal cartilage, skin quality, adherence to post or pre-operative directions play a significant role before undergoing a second surgery.

·         Nasal refinements- Revision of nose job can help in attaining the desired look if your first procedure did not work out well. Immediately after opening method natural swelling and bruising subsidies are natural and these do not necessarily mean that a second surgery would be required. If this is a case with you then wait for complete healing to take place.

·         Asymmetries and depressions- One cannot expect every aspect of healing before time and turning into depression isn’t a good idea. Swelling in the nose will be prominent for a couple of months. Sometimes, steroid injections can retain revision of rhinoplasty, however, in severe cases, it may be required.

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