Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How Will Dental Health Have An Impact On Pregnancy?

There's a famous old wives' tale- ‘Gain a child, lose a tooth.' It means you are likely to lose a tooth because of your pregnancy. Your pregnancy's going to pull a bundle of advice and you'll have to adhere many of them, no matter how well they please you. The hormonal changes during pregnancy bring drastic changes in physical health and hence, the oral health also gets considerably influenced. Your gums may not necessarily stay intact and may suffer from gingivitis, tooth decay or periodontal disease. You can win them all by maintaining your oral health before and during pregnancy. If you get a weak tooth (which is likely to break) during your trimesters, then there are higher risks of premature delivery or the baby weighing several pounds less than the ideal figure. Your baby will inherit your features, and your oral health is undoubtedly going to lay a significant impact.

What are the Symptoms of Dental Problems Faced by Women during Pregnancy?

·         Shiny, sore or swollen gums
·         Loose Teeth
·         Bad Breath
·         Tooth Ache or Pain
·         Weak Gums
·         Mouth Sores
·         Bleeding Gums

How does Pregnancy Affect Dental Health?

During pregnancy special hormones get released with a female body to form female characteristics. Additionally, you have more blood flowing throughout your body and increased levels of acid in your mouth. Once you sign up for pregnancy, your chances of having dental problems will increase. These problems include:
These changes mean that you're more likely to have some dental health problems during pregnancy than you did before you got pregnant. These problems include: 

·         Gingivitis- It is recognized by red, sore or swollen gums. High levels of progesterone can cause this problem and sometimes lead to bleeding while brushing.
·         Weak Teeth- Higher levels of progesterone and estrogen during this time adversely affects tissues and bones which clutch a tooth tight. Eventually, it leads to loose teeth.
·         Periodontitis- Swelling, and infection in gums cause this problem. It also leads to losing teeth.
·         Pregnancy Tumor- Surely, this tumor is not cancer. Severe plaque can cause lumps between teeth and cause bleeding. Usually, they vanish on their own, but, better seek consultation from an experienced dentist.
·         Tooth Decay- There's too much acid in the mouth during pregnancy, and hence, it can cause severe issues to teeth enamel. Morning sickness is another source which can cause tooth decay.

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