Sunday, 14 January 2018

How to Choose Baby Wipes?

You must be dealing with extreme delicacy while taking care of your newborn baby. You must be putting extra efforts to keep your baby clean and away from any infections. Baby wipes play an essential role in this regard. Not all baby, skin care products, lead to unfavorable results. However, it is momentous to follow, ‘prevention is better than cure.'  Your few minutes of attentiveness while shopping can keep your baby's skin silky smooth. Keep a check on the following factors while shopping wipes for your little one:

·         Check constituents- Indeed, baby care product companies manufacture their products after thorough research; however, there can be some friendly chemicals which may not react favorably with your baby's skin. It is advisable to check the constituents of a product before making a purchase. A few examples of constituents and their effects on baby's skin include:

o   Benzyl Alcohol- Skin irritation, burning sensation, dry skin, allergies, diaper rashes
o   Chlorine- Skin irritation, allergies, diaper rashes
o   Fragrance- Nausea, skin dryness, allergy

·         Choose between disposable or reusable wipes- Undoubtedly disposable wipes are more sanitary and easy to use. On the other hand, though reusable wipes require extra efforts to wash and dry them up, however, these are the most economical ones. In an initial couple of weeks of a baby's birth, it is advisable to use reusable wipes or cotton balls following the sensitive baby skin.

·         Choose thickness- Following the purpose of wipes, choose amongst the thick or thin wipe strips. For substantial cleaning, prefer purchasing thick wipes.

·         Select a perfect packaging type- According to your use, you can choose amongst travel packs, tubs, zipper bags or the ones with/without lids. If your choice of wipes isn't packed in your choice of the packet then, focus on the material inside the packet because after being home you can transfer it to a packet as per your convenience.

·         Match your purpose and size/quantity of wipes- If you are pleased with the outer details of a new brand then, prefer purchasing its smallest packet because you never know how well will it perform. After usage, if you feel satisfied then you can opt for a big packet the next time you fill your cart. Also, you can compare prices per wipe, if you are running economically on your budget. 

Baby wipes in Dubai

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