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Overview of Hair Styling Products

  • One of the best types of beauty tips is styling your hair. It’s really great leaving your house knowing you look fabulous. 
  • There are different ways to achieve the look you would like for yourself. Hairstyling adds more good appearance especially when you need to attend business meetings or special occasions. 
Category of Hair Styling Products 

  • Mousse
    •  Foamy, lightweight product
    • Strengthens hair 6 out of 10
    • Gives hair body, bounce & Volume
    • Advisable for curly hair, fine hair and limp hair that needs lift
  • Gel
    • Heavy, clear, goop-like substance.
    • Strengthens hair 10 out of 10
    • Can make hair looks messy.
    • Holding spiky hair in place.
    • Remaining short hair flicked out.
    • Outlining short hair
    • Controlling fly-away locks
    • Tightly holds short curls
  • Gel Wax
    • Similar to gel but styles like wax
    • Strengthens hair 5 out of 10
    • Gives hair a soft and messy look.
    • Longer hair styles will benefit more that needs volume & body.
  • Gel Spray
    • Similar to hairspray but has less hold.
    • Strengthens hair 8 out of 10
    • Holds hair into place w/o leaving rock-hard finish.
    • Advisable for up-styling hair.
    • Shorter and messier styles will hold well & will not look wet
  • Wax
    • Milky-like gum substance that smoothes into a paste.
    • Strengthens hair 2 out of 10
    • Best of messy hair, achieving flicks & defining layered hair.
    • Advisable for smoothing & twisting short locks into place & separating hair strands.
  • Sculpture Lotion
    • Clear-like gel that has runny texture.
    • Strengthens hair 5.5 out of 10
    • Can be an option to mousse for curly hair or as a styling aid when blow-drying.
  • Smoothing Shine
    • Oily liquid substance that is mainly use to give shine.
    • Strengthens hair 1 out of 10
    • Can be an option to mousse for curly hair or as a styling aid when blow-drying.
  • Hair Spray
    • Directly spray on top of the hair for styling.
    • Strengthens the hair 10 out of 10
    • Maintains strong hold for the entire day.
    • Advisable for curly hair, upstyles, messy hair & flicked hair.
  • Lacquer
    • Stronger than hairspray
    • Strengthens hair 10 out of 10
    • Useable for any hair type to have an extreme stronghold.
  • Molding Cream
    • Optional to wax that has less glossy finish
    • Strengthens hair 2 out of 10
    • Advisable for creating soft curls, flicks, waves & soft up-styles w/o weighing the hair down.
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