Sunday, 19 March 2017

Optimum Density TM

  • To reinstate your hair loss through using of an automated device for graft harvesting, known as Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant. 
  • Mechanical punch detaches only a part of the donor microorganism and not the entire follicle.
  • Both the harvested part of the follicle and the remaining part at the donor area are efficient of growing hair.
Advantages of Stem Cell FUE Optimum Density
  • Graft orchard and growth
    • The harvested part is planted at the person’s site.
    • This small part, known as the stem cell, takes a few weeks to improve its own root and connect itself to the blood supply.
    • After 2-3 months, signs of hair growth from the transplanted part are visible.
  • Hair regrowth in donor area
    • Up to 50% of harvested sites are adequate to reproduce and regrow.
    • Within 3 months, Stem Cell FUE technique allows regeneration of hairs at donor site.
    • The total number of hair on the head expands and optimum hair density is achieved.
  • Free from scars
    • No scars will happen after the transplant because the recipient sites regenerate and regrow hair. 
  • Eligible for Stem Cell FUE Optimum Density
    • If your hair loss is increasing, you can benefit from this type of hair transplant.
    • It’s advisable to wait a few years if your hair loss just started and you’re expecting it will be cured over the next few years.
    • While waiting for the hair loss pattern to mature, you can take  PRP Hair Loss Therapy, a non-surgical hair regrowth technique.
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