Saturday, 18 March 2017

Invisalign Braces Procedures

I. Discussion 
  • Your dentist will determine if you need orthodontic treatment and if Invisalign is an important option.
  • Assessment of pictures and x-rays
  • Usually, consultation will last approximately 30 minutes

II. Impression of Teeth
  • Procedure to do molds of your teeth will be taken, through making upper and lower impressions of your teeth and will evaluate for Invisalign Braces.
  • Normally this appointment last approximately 1 hour
III. Delivery of Aligners
  • Limited number of aligners will be given by the dentist and you will wear each aligner as per doctor’s instructions (usually 2-3 weeks).
  • Estimated 30 minutes to 1 hour this appointment will last
IV. Adjustment Visit
  • You need to visit your dentist within 4 to 6 weeks, to check progress of the previous aligners and get additional needed aligners.
  • This visit will end approximate 30 minutes
V. Removal of Aligners
  • Evaluation of results will be done by your dentist, no more aligners will be delivered.
  • Your dentist will determine if Case Refinement Stage is necessary, wherein new representation of your teeth will be submitted to correct minor discrepancies. 
  • If Case Refinement Stage is not required, impressions will be taken to make retainers.
  • Estimated 30 minutes to 1 hour this visit will last

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