Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What is the Importance of Skin?

Do you know which organ in the human body is the largest? It guards our body against environmental issues, regulates the body temperature and does a lot more to safeguard the entire body. It's the skin! Skin plays a vital role in an individual's life as it insulates the body from outer surroundings and binds the body's processes together.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Skin?

·         Skin is a Guard- Our skin performs a vital role in offering protection to internal systems from outside hazards live UV radiations and germs. Our skin contains acid mantle which prevents outside bacteria from attacking the skin and causing infections. When sin does a lot to you which you may not even know, then why not follow a habit of keeping it dirt and oil free. Use cleansers and moisturizers to keep skin clean.

·         Skin is Like a Sponge- You must be knowing that our skin is composed of several layers. Its outer layer is designed naturally as such that it repels water and absorbs oily substances through its pores. Apart from oil, there are other substances as well which can penetrate into the body through skin cells, hence, ensure that the skin products you apply are composed of elements which are safe for your skin for absorption. Plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property-based products are considered safe to use.

·         Skin in Like a Raincoat- The cells in our skin demand water, however, if the skin's surface isn't waterproof, then all the water contained in the skin will eventually evaporate and cause the cells to die. To prevent this damage, it is advisable to apply body oil just after the shower because at this time the skin is damp and is in the best state to seal moisture into the skin.

·         Skin is Like Manufacturing Plant- Our skin synthesizes chemicals, and due to this reason, the cells in our skin keep regenerating and repairing. It also possesses the capability of converting sunlight into Vitamin D. Thus, choose skin care products wisely which can stimulate skin cell renewal.

·         Skin Controls Body Temperature- When the temperature in our body rises, skin boosts blood flow and causes sweating to cool down the internal systems. On the other hand, when our body's temperature reduces, skin decreases the diameter of blood vessels and reduces blood flow to retain body heat.

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