Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Benefits of Corporate Wellness for HR Employees

Good health is the most magnificent benediction of life. A person with good health does not shrink his duties and keeps his industrial productivity high. Investing in your employee's health will only add benefits to your business. Identify health issues of your employees with Spotcheck's automated non-invasive health assessment device. We conduct corporate wellness programs in Dubai by leveraging customized wellness solutions.

Let's understand the benefits of this program for HR employees:

Enhances Productivity

 Our wellness program incorporates activities like exercising and eating to make employees energized and motivated. Our survey reveals that sans these activities employees felt lethargic and burned out. Hence, nutrition and exercises are vital to balance the state of mind and keep productivity high in turn.

Reduced Elevated Health Risks

At Spotcheck we use cutting-edge technology to help employees connect with life coaches and experts through a mobile application. This establishment keeps a track on your employee's unhealthy habits and helps them revive risks. Unhealthy diets and less physical activity leads to increased cholesterol, increased blood glucose, high blood pressure and hence, these all affect productivity.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

At Spotcheck, we also monitor the financial impact of the wellness program. So far, our studies prove that the graph of healthcare costs of those employees who regularly attend wellness programs and follow the suggested guidelines tend to bend after a particular period. Hence, doing up healthy activities reduce healthcare costs.

Reduced Absenteeism

Our wellness program covers activities like good health behavior, stress management, healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and obesity control. A study released by American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine states that these parameters significantly influence absenteeism of employees at the workplace.

Employee Retention

There are lot many factors which influence a person to accept a new job offer or continue with the current job. The corporate wellness program is one such factor. It is a rich benefit which an employee earns from the organization and empowers a sense of responsibility. A study released by Virgin HealthMiles/Workforce states that 87 percent employees consider offers with health and wellness benefits when choosing an employer.

Our specialized products and experienced health coaches are the strong pillars of corporate wellness programs in Dubai. For instance, our mobile app/web portal lets employees update their latest lab reports, start an interactive health-related questionnaire with our expert coaches, fulfill wellness program incentives and much more. We believe that continuity provides tangible benefits and our programs are designed similarly to keep a continuous track on the health of your employees.

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