Saturday, 15 July 2017

IV Nutrition vitamins

1. Myers Cocktail Drip
Composes your natural nutrients enriching Vitamin C, B5, B6, B-complex, calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.

2. Restoration of Adrenal Energy
Enables the nutrients to sustain and recondition the adrenal glands to lessen brain fog and overtiredness.

3. Immune Reinforcing
Consists of larger dosage of vitamin C, vital immune minerals and the herbal immune booster to shield your immune system from the virus you had encountered.

4. Hormone Balancer
Give supportive nutrients to balance your hormones and take away toxic materials from your body.

5. Nutrients finishing touch
Strongly recommended to the ones those who encountered difficulties in taking of nutrients. This IV therapy helps going to the digestive part and gives complete 100% consumption.

6. Liver detoxification
Gets rid of poisonous substances from the liver to make it clean completely and proper functioning of the cells.

7. Metabolic expansion
Increase the metabolism of the body to help in acquiring your plans being physically healthy and fit.

8. Mood Enhancement
Composes of amino acids and vitamins to assist balancing neurotransmitter defects that could cause troubles like insomnia and anxiety.

9. Collagen build and repairs
It will fit for people who would like maintaining the healthiness of the skin and sustain toughness of hairs and nails or people who needs assistance from physical activity injuries.

10. Radiant skin
The combination of glutathione and Vitamin C offers a brightening glow on your skin tone, and it’s also useful for melisma and hyper-pigmentation.

11. Athlete’s damage
It enables the athlete to heal from any injuries. Therefore, he ought to go again to his regular activities.

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