Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Is Dental Implant a permanent solution to broken teeth?

Have you got a damaged or broken tooth? If yes then definitely you need a permanent solution.
Have you heard of dental implant? Let’s understand what it is and how it can help you. It is a
permanent solution to missing teeth. This technique renders a long-lasting and naturally looking
substitute of the missing tooth. The replica tooth fits in jawbone like a veritable tooth and maintains
oral health. It is made up of titanium metal which fuses easily with living jaw bone. This fusion is
known as “osseo-integrate”. Since 1970, when dental implant was introduced numerous
improvements have been made in this area.

Dental implant surgery is carried out under the influence of local anesthesia. To make a note before
you undergo this surgery- if you feel gentle vibrations even after application of anesthesia then don’t
panic because it is not harmful and will be tolerable. The surgery is minimally invasive and leverages
little discomfort post operation. It takes two to four months to heal a single implant and crown is
attached only after complete fusion of the implant and jawbone. Moreover, bone density of the lost
tooth has a great influence on healing time- denser bones can be integrated early in comparison to
light bones. Successful integration is followed by crown fitting which will look and function exactly
like the original tooth. This is a single stage procedure.

In two-stage procedures, a connector is attached with the implant known as ‘abutment’ which
allows surrounding gum to heal around it. After the healing is done, a crown is attached to the

    Types of Dental Implant treatments

  1. Single tooth replacement- A tooth or missing tooth space is substituted by one implant and
one crown.

 2. Multiple tooth replacement- A bridge of implants is created to substitute the space of
multiple missing teeth. For example, space of three missing teeth will be replaced by a
three-unit bridge which encompasses two implants and three crowns. In cases of complete
jaw replacement four to eight implants are necessary using fixed bridgework.

 3. Combination of fixed and removable bridgework- As the name suggests it comprises both
fixed and a temporary bridgework which can be removed after some time.

4. Over-dentures- A denture is a set of removable false teeth. Over-dentures are used in cases
when multiple implants are fitted. It is used for people who have lost all teeth.

5. Temporary implant- These serve as anchor units to move some other tooth
6. Temporary bridgework- This saves a person from staying without teeth while permanent
implants are doing their work.

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