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Teeth Whitening Procedure and Its Benefits

If your teeth have turned yellow, then there's no shocking fact because it's a part of aging process. Our hair turns grey with time, and similarly, teeth tend to discolor with age. The inner part of our teeth is known as dentin and the outer portion as enamel. Many of us presume it awry that it is enamel which starts discoloring with time, however, according to medical science the discoloration happens in the dentin. Teeth are self-repairing structures which turn dentin darker and enamel thinner due to wear, grinding, chewing, etc. This activity makes teeth look yellow and dirty. A remedy to restore the white shine of teeth is to undergo whitening treatment by an experienced dentist. There are two types of such treatment- vital and non-vital.

Vital Whitening

If your teeth haven't undergone root canal treatment, then this procedure is for you. According to your comfort, you can get this therapy done either at dentist's clinic or your home.


Duration of treatment- 30 - 90 minutes
Sittings required- 1 to 3
It is a standard whitening procedure for teeth which uses strong concertation of hydrogen peroxide in the form of gel on tooth's surface. This process involves the projection of a specialized light on the applied agile gel to fasten the activity. It has three simple steps:
1.       Firstly, a gum protecting substance will be used in your mouth to cover the gums.
2.       Then, the tooth whitening gel will be applied evenly to your teeth.
3.     As mentioned before, this gel activates on the projection of a specialized light; hence, in this step,      your dentist will protrude the =light on your teeth for the effects to take place.
4.   After this sitting, if your teeth still seem discolored then another session would be required to obliterate the deposited dirt.


Duration of treatment- 2 weeks to 4 weeks
In-home care takes a different tangent to whitening process. What is not involved in this process is the need of the specialized light which played a significant role in the in-office procedure. Under the in-home process, your dentist will take impressions of your upper and lower jaws to get mouthpieces designed for you. You need to fit these mouthpieces in your teeth after greasing them with a whitening agent. You would need to wear the mouthpieces every day for at least 6-7 hours.

Non-Vital Whitening- This process is for you if your tooth has undergone root canal treatment ever. The steps to this therapy involve filling the whitening agent inside the root canalled tooth and then covering it with temporary filling for the whitening effects to take place. This process is followed further to achieve the desired brightness.


·           Teeth appear healthy and bright.
·           You can select teeth shade of your choice.
·           Boosted confidence while opening mouth and smiling.
·           It is the most conservative way to brighten the teeth.
·           It improves oral health.
·           Easy maintenance.

Teeth Whitening in Dubai

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