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Best and Worst Foods & Drinks for Dental Health

I. Best Foods & Drinks

1)  Green Tea
  • It can protect the teeth from bacterial infections through its complex composition called “catechins.” For instance, based on one Japanese study, men who drink green tea usually have the minor encounter of periodontal disease, as compared to people rarely drinking green tea.  Another study provides for both males and females, drinking one or more cups of tea per day will get a small number of tooth loss later in life. 
2) Strawberries & Kiwis
  • These fruits have the highest absorption of vitamin C, and this type of vitamin is essential for the whole health of delicate gum tissue because it helps to remain the collagen.  Strawberries and kiwis also contribute to resolving blemishes caused by regularly in taking of beverages like coffee and wine.
3) Nuts & Seeds
  • These are the superb, perfect source of plant-based protein, and they provide a powerful teeth-healthy micronutrient such as phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and calcium. Among these micronutrients, calcium is an essential element for healthy bones and teeth. Dietary calcium might help in the restoration of teeth minerals.
4) Onions
  • Contains antimicrobial sulfur compounds which protect the teeth from any bacteria, especially when eating the uncooked onions. If you cannot eat raw onions, cook them rather than not eating them.
5) Shitake Mushrooms

  • It helps to prohibit gingivitis through its natural sugar known as lentinan. This type of antibacterial compound mainly targets the bacterial biofilm leading to microbes. 
6) Apples, Celery & Other Low-Acid, Fibrous Foods
  • These water-rich fruits and veggies act through maintaining the saliva production to prevent oral bacteria, and they're commonly known as “dental detergents.” These high-fiber foods also have a scrubbing effect that will entirely clean the surface of your teeth as you eat, working to brush the bacteria away.
II. Worst Foods and Drinks

1) Soft Drinks

  • Based on the study, soft drinks give big impact on teeth, because of its high acid content like phosphoric, malic, citric, and tartaric. Citrus-flavored bubbly beverages dissolved enamel two to five times more than colas did.
2) Fruit Juices
  • Fruit juices, especially citrus, apple, and berry varieties are complete of acids that can lead to tooth enamel problem. Make sure to drink them mildly and as additional safety tips, rinse afterward and better to drink calcium-fortified juices that might give less problem to tooth enamel
3) Fruit
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes, compose damaging enamel acids. Ensure to eat the fruits with a meal to reduce acid effects.
4) Sour Candy
  • As per the study, sour candies are harder on tooth enamel. Candies manufacturer add more acids or different kinds of acid to give the variety of sour candies, but it leads to tooth enamel problem. 
5) Vinegar
  • Based on the study, teenagers who often used vinegar-containing foods have a 30%–85% increased the risk of enamel erosion compared with teens who didn't consume those foods. Make sure to rinse afterward if you will eat vinegar-containing foods. Therefore, you can prevent any teeth problems.

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