Sunday, 2 April 2017

8 Ways to prevent hair loss

1. Keep Away from Hairstyle that Pulls on the Hairline
  • Cornrows, braids, tight ponytails and other types of hairstyle that pulls on the small hairs that reach your hairline can cause hair loss
  • The force caused by these compacted hairstyles pulls too much on the gentle hairs of your hairline might lead to hair loss/thinning. 
  • Make sure to use elastic material hair products, therefore, your hair won’t get tangled in the elastic and easily to pull out from your hair. 
     2.  Drain Hair tools that use large heat 
  • Usually, heat on hair might lead to crack in the hair strands, causing brittle hair that breaks and falls out. 
  • You need to ensure not to leave hair straightener or curling iron, in one part of your hair for too long and move it every ten seconds or more.
  • Always recall that if you hear sizzling or burn your fingers, the heat setting is too high, at the same time, your hair is burning. 
  • Try to naturally dry your hair as regularly as possible and when you use designing tools, make sure to use a heat-safeguarding spray to reduce the tool damages on your hair. 
3. Be alert of Chemical procedures
  • A lot of chemical procedures treatment is given by the salons might also be harmful to your hair like chemically straightening, bleaching and lightening your hair. 
  • Always try to maintain your natural style and color as much as possible, because your problems with hair loss or thinning will be much worse.
  •  You need to ensure to cure your hair to a deep-conditioning treatment minimum once a week if you always use chemical procedures in your hair to get better results. 
4. Diet Nutrients
  • Foods enrich in vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin B12 and iron can resolve thinning hair strands.
  • Your diet should include many of leafy greens, beans, nuts, fish, nuts and lean meats.
  •  Alternatively, a good dietary supplement can help cover the type of diet your lacking, if you’re having the difficult time to get sufficient nutrients in your daily diet. 
      5. Use Hair Products for Recovering Hair Growth
  •      Many companies are now producing hair products to recover hair growth.
  •      A variety of hair shampoos contains a lot of oils and minerals that can provide hair growth, remove bacteria that can lead to hair breakage and loss and raise blood circulation to the scalp.
      6. Try Classic Medication 
  •       Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, can be purchased in the counter to be applied to the hair either liquid or mousse form.
  •       If there are no results after 6 months, you can use hair thickening spray that cover the existing hair and gives more volume. 
      7. Inclusion of Scalp Massage
  •      The easiest method to massage your hair scalp is during the shower, after applying shampoo or conditioner.
  •      By slowly moving your fingertips around your whole head, you’ll lessen stress and enhance hair regrowth at the same time. 
      8. Deal with Essential Oils
  •           Essential oils have natural benefits that is very helpful for hair care maintenance.
  •           Oils like carrot seed, cypress, lavender, and rosemary have to beautify, smoothing and equalizing properties that can enhance the scalp condition and hair regrowth.
  •      They are easy to find online or in health stores because they are popular as the healthier alternative.
  •       A fewer drops added during your scalp massage is the best way to boost your massage’s efficiency and get all the oil benefits. To know more information on how to prevent hair loss and get more volume for hair regrowth, visit 

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