Saturday, 28 January 2017

Stem Cells Features

Stem cells are different from other cells because they have the ability to renew theirselves and for particular conditions, they could give functions to the organism. They offer new techniques to treat certain diseases and often used in labs for screening new drugs and other biological research therefore, their renewal features are essential. Our skin will look youthful and healthy because they can regenerate.

Plants are usually the source to use the stem cells for beauty products. When it comes to embryonic stem cells, there is a brand below that provides the product from consenting egg donors. These are the tested products that certainly looks much effective and faster than average anti-agers products. 

1.  Apple: Indie Lee Swiss Apple Facial Serum

Scientists found out a particular tree species in Switzerland got the ability to regenerate itself. They tried the stem cells to be the preservative on top of a tray full of apples and bananas and they discovered it can lengthen the life of the fruits hence, Indie Lee’s Swiss Apple Facial Serum was created. The serum also contains hyaluronic acid and is highly concentrated. 

2. Faspberry: Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9 Repair Cream

The product was created from raspberry stem cells sourced from Switzerland, which is referred as “Medicure Stem Cell Complex”. Damaged DNA cells by the sun and environment were repaired by the stem cells along with Indonesian Nyamplung Oil. It also prevents cell oxidation for healthier skin. African Marula Oil is another ingredient that gives the formula satisfied feeling. 

3. Grape: ilike Grape Stem Cell Solutions Gel Mask

Szilvia Hickman, SVP of llike distributor Szep Elet, said grape stem cells contains high amount of antioxidants and can renew the skin cells. Radicals from environmental pollutants, smoking, tanning, and sun exposure will be avoided through the use of this antioxidants. Unripe red grape berries that has a higher “cell viability” and more antioxidant power are the main source of stem cells. 

     4.  Gotu Kola: Sunday Riley’s Stimulant II Perfecting Stem Cell Serum

      Goto Kola (also called Centella Asiatica) is a member of the parsley family, which is used for Sunday Riley’s Stimulant II Perfecting Stem Cell serum. It can thicken the dermis to help the skin look younger and removes redness, rosacea, inflammation, sun damage, and acne. It’s a good alternative for those who don’t prefer peels or retinol and you can mix it with any moisturizer. When applying serum, it smells like white wine but the scent fades faster and leaves cool and smooth feeling. 

5. Non-embryonic human stem cells

Unfertilized eggs extracted from consenting women who have undergone standard IVF ovarian stimulation are the source of Lifeline’s products. It’s created under International Stem Cell Corporation. As per the company, the women donors are interested in advancing innovations in regenerative medicine. 

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