Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Benefits of Vitamin Infusions

There continues to be growing interest in the benefits of vitamin infusions to boost the immune system, increase energy and to achieve an overall healthier, more invigorated feeling. When vitamins are delivered through an IV, they reach the blood faster than when taken orally and can be significantly more effective. Vitamin infusion therapy gained its initial popularity with athletes looking to boost their athletic performance. The treatment is now increasingly common among celebrities and other individuals trying to overcome fatigue or treat illnesses like cancer, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.

Here are the known benefits of Vitamin Infusion:

Antioxidants and Asthma

All vitamin drips come with a full range of vitamin and minerals that act as antioxidants. These antioxidants help treat various medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes making day to day life much easier with people afflicted with these conditions.

Your body operates off vitamins and minerals but eating the right food and taking supplements often don't work as well as they are expected to. This is because as your body processes the food or pill it destroys a lot of the vitamins and minerals instead of putting them to use. An intravenous vitamin drip puts those vitamins and minerals directly into your blood stream in a useable form allowing you to feel their full effect.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do you tire easily? are you constantly feeling drained after only a couple of hours work or simply driving to work each day? Have you been diagnosed with chronic fatigue? Then you could probably benefit from a vitamin infusion.

Your body is constantly using vitamins and minerals even during times of low activity. Fatigue that is not due to a high level of activity and energy use is possibly due to a lack of the appropriate vitamins and minerals your body needs to operate throughout the day.

The common cold

There is no cure for a cold no magic pill will take away those sniffles and sneezes. However there are ways to promote a speedy recovery and alleviate your symptoms dramatically.

Vitamin drips have been used for years to help people recover from illness. In fact vitamin C drips, Vitamin C is the vitamin that helps your immune system fight off a cold , are among the most prescribed drips today.

Our Vitamin infusion is more than just your average vitamin C drip. It uses a wide array of vitamins to help fight off all kinds of infections and minor illnesses while also offering the energy boost you need to get through annoying sick days whenever they crop up.

Fertility Boosts

There are plenty of approved and proven fertility drugs that  help couples obtain a new addition to their family. However lots of those drugs come with a long list of side effects and risks that understandably cause people to hesitate when deciding whether or nor to use them. Intravenous vitamin drips can provide a more natural fertility boost with no risks whatsoever.

Our pick'n'mix infusion gives you all the vitamins, minerals and hormones you need to help boost your fertility.


Fibromyalgia can occur in anyone but is more common in older adults. Its characterised by chronic pain and a painful response to pressure throughout the body. The reasons for this vary but one reason is that many older people simply dont receive the high amounts of vitamins and minerals that allow them to function at an optimal level.

Our Youthful beauty infusion gives the client a vitamin and mineral boost that has been shown to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms while also providing the same energy boosting vitamins and minerals in the viva forever injection and Fitamin infusion. It promotes healthy skin and helps to fight ageing.

Natural Weight Loss

First of all you are not going to lose a pound per day. Losing weight too quickly is extremely dangerous to your health and will only lead to more serious health problems later on down the road. What you want to do is lose weight in a slow, consistent and healthy manner. Intravenous drips can help you do just that.

Our Fitness infusion gives the body all the vitamins and minerals it requires and includes  L carnitine which helps the body to break down stored fat and release it as energy. If you combine the Infusions with a healthy diet and lifestyle great weight loss results can be achieved  healthily over a period of time.

Stress Relief

We all love our coffee but our bodies can only take so much.All it takes is one cup each morning for two to three days to get physically addicted to caffeine.As much as we would like to avoid this finding that morning pick me up from a different source can be difficult.

Not anymore now a secret only available to those in the medical profession is available to all of us - intravenous vitamin drips. These drips bypass the bodies natural barriers, which cause vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat and drink to be wasted during the digestion process, and allows you to input the vitamins and minerals for proper function directly to the source.

Our Viva Forever injection provides the vitamins and minerals you need for that extra special pick me up during stressful times without adding caffeine or any other harmful chemical into your body.

Tension Headaches

The most common forms of headaches and migraines are called tension headaches. They are caused by a lack of vitamins and an increase of stress that causes the blood vessels in your head to constrict and restrict blood flow. Intravenous vitamin drips can offer your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to promote proper brain health while giving you the energy you need to relieve stress and deal with life's problems.

These stress relieving vitamins and minerals can be found in every infusion we offer, from the Viva forever to the pick n mix. The vitamins and minerals needed to alleviate and prevent headaches is at the core of our products, ensuring a healthier and easier day to day experience for all customers.

Vitamins and hair growth

Hair health and growth has shown tremendous positive results to vitamin treatments. Vitamin supplements for hair growth have been around for years, but now you can get a wider range of vitamins and minerals you need without having to remember to take something every day. Not only is it less frequent, vitamin drips bypass your bodies natural barriers to deliver full doses of vitamins and minerals to the source.

Our baby face infusion not only provides all the vitamins and minerals you need to promote proper hair growth, but it also equips you with all the energy you need to face each day, the vitamins and minerals you need to promote natural healthy skin, and much more.

Many individuals say they feel more Alive after getting the infusion. Experts agree the most effective way to get supplements is thru a healthful diet. When supplements are provided intravenously, they achieve the blood faster than when taken orally. Graham said he has given vitamins to his patients when he worked at another organization, but does not perform the procedure. The benefit individuals report might well be attributed to the placebo effect, the occurrence wherein a person feels improved following a treatment since they believe it works, Graham said. Some research suggests vitamin infusions may have benefits for certain conditions.

But for a healthy individual looking for an extra boost? Infusions are no more than a short-lived quick fix. If you need to feel better, identify why you’re not feeling well, whether it’s poor diet, not enough exercise, too much alcohol, dehydration, lack of sleep, or too much stress, and address it at its origins in order to experience a long-lasting meaningful benefit.You can contact the best vitamin infusion clinic in your city to get vitamin infusions that you needed

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