Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Nose Cosmetic Surgery

To change the shape or improve the nose function is the referred as Rhinoplasty. It can be done for cosmetic reasons, to change the nose’s shape and appearance. Another reason is for medical such as to correct breathing problems or to get back the disfigure of the nose, which was resulted from trauma or birth defects.

Bear on mind perfect nose is impossible but surgery can improve facial features and emphasize your unique and natural beauty. You should discuss with your surgeon the reasons you would like to do the nose job and your outcome expectations. After the evaluation done by your surgeon, you will be informed if your request is realistic. The risks, recovery time, costs and your entire health will also be handled by the doctor.

Before the operation, you will get either general anesthesia to make you sleep while doing the operation or local anesthesia, for you to be relaxed and unable to feel the pain. Usually the surgeon makes cut within the nostrils during surgery, if the case is more difficult, the doctor can also make cuts across the base of the nose. Inner bone and cartilage will have a new form to give much pleasing appearance.

People usually wear a nasal splint for the first week after the nose surgery and expect you will get swelling and some bruising around the eyes that will begin to improve after the third day. Heavy activities should be avoided for three to six weeks, you may return to regular activities within two to three weeks if you didn’t get any noticeable signs that you undergo nose operation. Normally, your nose will have a little swelling and will stop after six months and final shape of your nose will be really visible after it’s completely healed.You have to contact best rhinoplasty specialists to do the perfect operation

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