Sunday, 17 June 2018

5 Ways to Perfect Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you feel underconfident due to your smile? Are you seeking cosmetic dentistry options but not sure of how to get a complete smile makeover? Worry not as we have compiled a list of the top ways you can perfect your smile:
1.       Correct the Tooth Gaps – Having a gap in your tooth draws all attention. The same goes for a missing tooth, which also increases the chance of decay as well as misalignment of teeth over time. Cosmetic dentists can fix this with dental bridges, partial denture or a dental implant. 

2.       Even Down the Color Variations – Stained, yellowish, greenish or greyish teeth effectively mars your entire appearance. Think of a situation wherein you have perfectly aligned teeth but that looks dull and untidy. Surely, you wouldn’t want this to happen. Do you? In such cases, your cosmetic dentist will help you pick and choose a uniform color and shade that perfectly matches your complexion. Teeth whitening is one of the most common methods to get naturally white teeth in no time.  

3.       Fix the Face Shape – When your teeth begins to age and have severe structural damage, chances are that it will make you look much older. This is where you can opt for oral maxillofacial surgery or other orthodontic procedures. These will help you fill the face and the cheek, and thereby helping you regain a youthful look. 

4.       Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth – If you have teeth that are severely misaligned (jostling for space or otherwise), you may have to opt for a full mouth reconstruction or various orthodontic treatment first. Alternatively, the smile makeover can also happen with clear braces or porcelain veneers. 

5.       Change the Tooth Shape – Do you have sets of crooked tooth? Have you chipped a tooth and it’s out of shape? Fret no more as you can have your teeth length altered by opting for gum reduction, bonding or veneers. With all the teeth in your mouth shaped evenly, you can definitely hope for a better, brighter smile!

Getting a smile makeover from cosmetic dentistry in Dubai or elsewhere is not just about getting the treatment but also taking proper after-care. Don’t forget the basics like brushing twice daily, flossing and visiting your dentist at regular intervals. You can also take care of your pearly whites by avoiding certain food and beverages so that they keep sparkling and shining, making the treatments last for a longer period.


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