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Proper nutrition is necessary for the well-being of the body and mind. The foods and beverages that we consume have a major impact on our oral health. A poor diet can lead to tooth decay, gum problems and contribute to the production of plaque acids that cause cavity. However, a good diet can assure healthy and strong teeth and gums, for a lifetime. This is even suggested by major dental clinics in Abu Dhabi as well. Having said that, here are four superfoods that will boost your dental health

1.       Apples and Carrots

Popularly known as “dental detergents”, apples and carrots are fiber and vitamin-rich sources of food.  Fiber helps in the creation of saliva in the mouth, thus reducing the risk of cavities by rinsing away the bacteria. Moreover, these foods are also vitamin-rich which will help you increase your immunity.
And did you know that apples, carrots or even celery, acts like a toothbrush and can scrape off the food particles and the bacteria away and foster oral hygiene? It’s like eating your way to health! 

2.       Leafy Greens
As they say, “Eat your greens right”.  And why not! Green leafy veggies are high in calcium and iron, and they help in the building of the enamel of the teeth. Spinach and kale, contain folic acid and vitamin B, that can help treat gum diseases in pregnant women. Therefore, it is safe to say that eating leafy greens will promote your oral health and deliver strong teeth and gums. Don’t forget to include them in salads, smoothies, or even on a homemade pizza if you’re a fussy eater! 

3.       Cheese and Milk
Well, well, now you have another reason to love and enjoy cheese! Cheese increases the pH level of the mouth and reduces the risk of a tooth decay. It also contains proteins and carbohydrates which leads to the strengthening of the tooth enamel. Chewing cheese causes a lot of saliva in the mouth, leading to the killing of bacteria.
The main ingredient of cheese – milk, also maintains the level of acid, enabling the risk of a tooth decay. It is high in calcium and protein, and thus, is a good pick for the strengthening of the teeth and gums.

4.       Almonds and Cashews

Almonds and cashews are two dry fruits that are said to contain microbe-fighting properties. These help fight bad bacteria and prevent tooth decay. They are also a high source of protein and low in sugar, helping in building strong teeth.
All you need to do is eat a handful of almonds and cashews every day in your meals or just throw some in your smoothie.

To Conclude

While these are some of the oral-health boosting foods that your dental clinic in Abu Dhabi will also recommend including in your diet, you also need to cut down on others such as sodas and cigarettes. You also need to drink plenty of water at the same time. All these will help in maintaining the best dental health!

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