Monday, 19 February 2018

All You Need to Know About Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a broad term which encapsulates a wide range of medical procedures to be performed on gums and teeth. Tooth extraction, root canal treatment, implants and other aesthetic and functional treatments fall under this category. There are numerous reasons why people undergo dental surgeries. If you have misaligned jaws, then you'll need to undergo cosmetic dental surgery, or if you need to get a tooth extracted, then you'll have to undergo normal dental surgery. Ensure, you seek treatment from an experienced dentist only because some dental procedures are carried out under the influence of anesthesia. 
If you are familiar with standard dental procedures, then dental surgeries are nothing different from them. The following methods fall under dental surgeries: 

  • Specialized Surgery- If you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment because your jaws are not aligned properly, then your dentist may recommend you orthodontic surgery. A proficient oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon will perform this by breaking the original structure of jaws and aligning them again aesthetically. It can change your facial appearance and improve your chewing and breathing problems. 

  • Wisdom Tooth- When a wisdom tooth impacts gums it tries to push the adjacent tooth. It makes the appearance of mouth misaligned and crooked. If the defective wisdom tooth is not repaired on time, then it damages the adjacent teeth. A remedy treatment to this problem involves extraction of the defective wisdom toot under the effects of anesthesia. The same procedure is followed for a tooth other than wisdom tooth as well. 

  • Dental Extractions- When a tooth becomes decayed and cannot be repaired further, its extraction becomes necessary. This surgery can be carried out in isolation or in combination with denture fixtures. In monetary terms sometimes tooth extraction procedure turns out to be cheaper in comparison to the cost of tooth repair procedure.  

  • Root Canal Treatment- This surgery is carried out when a tooth becomes badly decayed and infectious. It involves extraction of pulp and underlying nerve after implementing the anti-infectious procedure. This procedure cleanses the infection causing bacteria thoroughly which has spread inside of the tooth. Post cleaning the tooth is sealed with a permanent cap. 

Dental Surgery in Dubai 

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