Thursday, 23 February 2017

Candidates for Liposuction

Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture, suction-assisted body contouring and suction lipectomy.  Cannula and vacuum pump machine will remove excessive fats from a specific area. The cannula is connected to the pump through a tube then will place inside the areas of fat to be taken out through making small cuts. The surgeon will move the cannula tip back and forth to break up the fats, which are removed by the tube. This surgery can take out a lot of fats on the abdomen, flanks, hip area, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, above the knees, upper arms, under the chin and neck and other parts of the body wherein fats are stuck.

Eligible Conditions for Liposuction Surgery

1. You must be in good health and doesn’t have any active diseases.

2. You should have realistic expectations of the liposuction results. Communication is very important. You should discuss your desired outcome with your surgeon, therefore, both of you will come up to the realistic outcome that might happen.

3. You should have balanced weight and ideal body weight is about 20%.

4. Liposuction is for people who likes to get their ideal body weight but, desired areas that have fats didn’t allow diet and exercise.

5. You should have healthy skin with good flexibility hence, your skin will come back to its normal tightness after the fat is taken out.

6. Your mentality and emotions should be in good condition before taking this surgery.

7. You must be patient and stable during the recovery period.

8. You need to ensure you don’t have any history of depression because it might happen after the surgery even with emotionally healthy patients. It’s highly recommendable to get the approval of your surgeon in case you have a background of this type of sickness.

9.  In case you take any type of antidepressant or antianxiety drugs, you should inform your surgeon in advance. Because some of these medications might be dangerous in the surgery. 

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