Sunday, 15 April 2018

Why Should Employers Conduct Wellness Programs?

The recipe for a successful business is simple- its employees must be fit and healthy. This is because an unhealthy employee will account for frequent absences and presenteeism. In today's workforce employees juggle to complete the requirements put forward by the company while neglecting their health. Less or no exercises, improper eating, anytime eating, sedentary work requirements, etc. leave them overwhelmed and stressed. Ultimately this accounts to doctor visits and the employer's high medical insurance costs. If you want to keep the medical insurance costs of your employees, then create a healthy workplace environment by conducting wellness programs on the periodic basis. If your employees stay healthy, then the productivity will be more, and with their support, you'll add dollars to your bank account.

Comparatively the costs incurred by wellness programs is turn out to be low than the costs of their medical bills. This is the reason why experts suggest workplace wellness as the best solution. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted a survey in which they discovered that in organizations approx. 50% employees suffer high cholesterol problems, 27% suffer cardiovascular problems, 26% are overweight, and 24% suffer high blood pressure. Aren't these statistics worrying?

Benefits of Employee Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs allow you to assess the health of your employees and provide them solutions to keep them in best of their health. The common benefits of an employee wellness program are:
·         It reduces workplace stress
·         It helps employees to improve their mental and physical health.
·         It makes them physically active.
·         It makes them aware of what's going inside their body through their body composition levels.
·         It reduces their absenteeism levels.
·         It enhances their trust towards the employer.
·         It builds up their motivation levels.
·         It allows employees to take some time to focus on their health as well amidst work.

Wellness Medical Center in Dubai

To conduct employee wellness program in your company, connect with the experts of Spotcheck. They provide customized wellness solutions by accessing each employee's body through their exclusive body assessment chair. The chair is the world's first noninvasive health assessment device, and it measures 30 factors of the body in eight minutes without even pinching. The factors include BMI, body mass composition, blood pressure, fat levels, BP rate, pulse rate, hydration levels, total lean mass, BMR, weight, etc. For more details call them now.

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