Tuesday, 26 September 2017

About Teeth Whitening

More people seek out teeth whitening solutions than any other treatment among accessible, effective and affordable cosmetic dental treatments. Lots of orthodontist witness patients request teeth whitening in some other form once treatment was complete. However a bright, white smile helps in building confidence in both personal and professional settings.

The appearance of your smile can be radically improved by whitening your teeth. Comes to the market the over-the-counter whitening products – such as toothpastes, whitening strips and bleaching trays – than ever before a brighter smile is within more people’s grasp. However, the safest, fastest, and most effective means of achieving a whiter smile comes with professional, in-office whitening treatments
In –Office Whitening
Effective lightening of teeth and removing surface stains can be achieved by many teeth whitening systems – toothpastes and over-the-counter strips, trays and rinses. Removal of deep discoloration or more challenging stains cannot be done by such treatments. In-office whitening,also known as power whitening, professional whitening and chairside whitening, offers controlled and safe treatment which involves a highly concentrated bleaching agent and capable of removing discoloration with near-immediate results.

Thanks to advancements in dental products and technology, this method of Whitening has become a simple process.The usage of complex equipment like heat lamps which expedite bleaching process, have cut down the length of time significantly it takes for results to be seen.

The process involves the application of bleaching gel directly to the surface of the teeth, and is activated using a heat and light source, like dental laser. Depending on the desired outcome, the bleaching solution stays on the teeth for 30-60 minutes. Dramatic results can be achieved following the treatment

Benefits of Professional Whitening Treatment
No other teeth whitening treatment produces such immediate results when time is essential; Fewer dental visits are required and little time is taken away from your daily routine.

The process of delivering this method of whitening treatments has been developed with optimum safety in mind for the patient. The teeth are isolated and the gel applied only to the tooth structure, thereby avoiding soft tissue damage or discomfort for the patient.

This process has also developed into a more comfortable experience. Usage of thick bleaching gel that won’t soak into the tooth’s enamel has helped to alleviate one of the common complaints – tooth sensitivity. Thicker gel and modern treatments include the usage of desensitizers, such as potassium nitrate, and fluoride.

Bleaching is not recommended in children under the age of 16, or for pregnant women. It is also not advised to bleach sensitive teeth, or for patients with receding gums, exposed roots, worn enamel, damaged restorations or peroxide allergies. Its best to seek out the advice of your dentist before committing to any form of whitening treatment.

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