Monday, 19 September 2016

Thinking of going under the knife- Here’s what you need to know

Face and body modification has been an important part of human civilisations and is being done for centuries. The beauty industry is estimated to grow up to a worth of two hundred and sixty- five billion US dollars by the next year (2017). This industry includes skin- care, hair- care, make- up, perfumes and plastic surgery. Out of these, plastic surgery is believed to grow to a net worth of twenty- seven billion US dollars by 2019.

Before going under the knife, it is of utmost importance that you ask yourself, why exactly is the life-altering physical change needed. 

You must consider the following points very carefully before going under the knife.

1. Do plenty of research- It is very important that a person considering cosmetic surgery be aware of the procedure, cost, complications and also important, all the doctors  that are eligible and good. The best way to start the research is the internet. Look through and read through all the articles and videos that concern the surgery that you want to get. All the surgeries performed in a clinic must be approved or accredited by the authority in that field. It is important as you are looking in to get a huge physical alteration.

2. Choose a doctor based on their skill, experience and your comfort level with them and not cost- There may be a lot of advertisement for some surgeon but it will not guarantee that he/ she is the best at their job. You must look for a well-qualified and skilled doctor with whom you are comfortable enough to share everything because the last thing you want with your plastic surgeon is miscommunication. Look through their previous work and see if  their profile fits your needs.

3. Realise that things can go wrong and you might need a corrective surgery which holds greater risk- You must have realistic expectations out of a plastic surgery. Realise that a plastic surgeon is not a fairy godmother. They can make mistakes too. For the most part, if you choose a good surgeon, you will be satisfied with your look post-surgery, but, sometimes they can make mistakes too. A corrective plastic surgery has a higher risk than a fresh one.

4. Getting cosmetic surgery with the wrong intention or for the wrong reasons- You must get cosmetic surgery only if something about your body troubles you emotionally or psychologically. Don't go under the knife just because of a loved one or because you see a certain feature you want to copy from a celebrity.

5. Disclose all medical history to your surgeon before the procedure- For this purpose, it is important that you are comfortable enough with your doctor. Anything may go wrong as this is a major surgery and your surgeon must know all medical history while in the operating room.

6. See a psychiatrist and decide whether you are a good candidate- Seeing a psychiatrist before going for a plastic surgery is also important. Many people get it done in a state of extremely low self- esteem or depression. IN such a situation it most definitely is a wrong decision.

7. Ask a lot of questions- Get a friendly doctor and ask all that you need to know. It is surprising how little people ask and how they blindly trust a surgeon who is going to change their look permanently. 

8. Realise that the procedure is painful- Recovering from a surgery is always a slow and painful process. During this time, a lot of people who have gone under the knife have shared that they got depressed and stressed out and it wasn't the most fun experience.

9. Realise that some surgeons will operate on anyone and be getting turned down can be good- A lot of surgeons are in this field for the money and are ready to operate on anyone. If some surgeon turns you down, its only for the good.

10. Get multiple consultations- Go to many doctors for consultation regarding everything from whether you need the surgery to the procedure and recovery. See which one suits your needs the best and only then go for it.

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