Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Cosmetic procedures to look younger

It's every woman's and man's dream to grow old gracefully. But family duties like childcare, long office work hours along with other unexpected uncertainties in life create a stressful personal and professional life, which then takes a toll on your youthful appearance.

The first place on your body where signs of ageing appear are your face as the skin on the face is thinner and more delicate comparatively to the rest of your body.

We have seen many celebrities that go under the knife to look younger and come out looking as a totally different person. We have also seen celebrities who look ageless despite their true age. It is absolutely possible to get cosmetic corrections done to your face with or without surgery and keeping the integrity of face at the same time.

Some measures must be taken to slow the process of ageing despite cosmetic surgery. Simple steps like staying out of the sun as much as possible and protecting your skin by using sunscreen during the day, despite stepping out or not. Moisturising your skin regularly, using anti-aging skin care containing retinoid, healthy diet and regular exercise are some other ways to keep your youthful look for as long as possible. However, if these steps prove to be ineffective, you can always turn towards facial cosmetic procedures, which are mentioned below.

1. Skin Firming - Skin firming can be achieved by chemical peels. This uses an acid solution safe for the skin, which reacts to it to remove the outer layer of skin to give a healthier, smoother new skin with reduced lines and wrinkles.

2. Crow's Feet - These are wrinkles and fine lines at the edges of your eyes. They are caused over the years due to exposure to sunlight and smoking. Botox helps reduce their appearance.

3. Tear Trough - Due to dehydration the area under the eyes of an individual may look dark, sunken and baggy. This area between the eye and the nose is called as tear trough and when it sinks due to an unhealthy lifestyle, it can give a very tired or sickly look. They can be filled with the help of soft fillers such as derma fillers to give a younger and plumper look.

4. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty - A mild nasal irregularity or hump can be easily corrected with the help of some fillers. Injection rhinoplasty is a great option for patients who are also looking for slight changes in their flat nose bridge or an ill-defined nose tip.

5. Smile Correction - If your upper lip rises a little too much to expose your gums while smiling, a simple procedure using some Botox injections will correct it.

6. Chin Augmentation - As you age, your chin will sag. This can be corrected using fillers, for both long and short chins.

7. Chiselled Jawline - A strong bone structure can give an almost masculine look. When you age, the thinning muscles expose more bone to the surface and give a square-shaped face. This can be easily corrected using fillers which will give the appearance of a more oval face.

8. Lip Augmentation - Aging also causes lips to thin due to loss of moisture and natural elasticity of the skin. Therefore, lip plumping can be easily achieved with the help of fillers such as Juvederm to achieve a natural looking pout.

9. Facelift - This procedure is a full-fledged surgery that lifts the entire face including the eyebrows or forehead, the cheeks and the jaw along with the neck, as per the requirement. Loosening of muscles due to loss of skin elasticity is a problem whose correction is extremely popular.

10. Cheek Bones - Due to sagging skin our cheeks may begin to lose their natural contour. The high cheek bones can be obtained by using either fillers or with the help of implants.

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