Thursday, 10 May 2018

Baby Wipes- A Soft Solution to Your Baby's Cleaning

Newborn babies are happy eating, pooping and sleeping for the first few months. The cycle repeats after every some time and to mothers it may seem endless. It interprets into seven to eight diaper changes per day. And with every diaper change pitches in baby wipes. Because of their expediency baby wipes are used not only down there but also on the face and rest other body parts. However, amidst this many mothers have a question- are baby wipes safe to use?

The two major parameters of concern with baby wipes include irritancy and contact allergy. Since a baby's skin is sensitive and delicate, it may be prone to irritation due to regular use of wipes. But, experts have a tip to the use of wipes- make a habit of applying ointment after every diaper change. Baby ointment acts as a barrier against the elements of pee and poop. It also softens the baby's skin. Expert pediatricians and dermatologists recommend the use of wipes on newborn's skin. In traditional times rough cloth or towel was used prominently in cleaning baby poop. However, it was messy to wash that dirty piece and use it again. Moreover, one could not ignore the chances of having rashes or infection. Baby wipes have significantly overcome these shortcomings and have leveraged ease in cleaning.

How does baby wipes cause contact allergy?

Sometimes parents complain of contact allergy in their child due to regular use of wipes. The problem is not the use of wipes. However, it is some ingredient which is not soothing your baby's skin. Repetitive exposure to that specific ingredient is the culprit of contact allergy. This ingredient may happen to be some preservative which has been added to the wipes to prevent it from mols, bacteria, and fungus. A study released in the year 2014 informed that the common cause of contact allergy in children using baby wipes turned out to be a preservative named methylisothiazolinone (MI). Stay attentive in knowing how your baby's body is reacting to outside elements and chemicals and whether you should use them or not. Additionally, it is important to quote that not all baby wipes cause allergies and when used gently these are perfect for your baby's cleaning.

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