Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Dental Implants Vs Bridges

Nothing can replace a confident smile, and one of the main reasons to smile confidently is because you have a beautiful smile without any missing teeth. Dentists will determine if you require a bridge or a dental implant to attend to the problem of a missing tooth, or teeth.

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, where your dental specialist will surgically place a post within your jawbone under your gum and then fit the tooth on the post. While a dental bridge involves placing a pair of crowns on your natural teeth on each side of the gap between your teeth. The attached crowns form a bridge that secures the artificial tooth in place, successfully covering the gap without attaching the tooth to your jaw.

Jaw Health: Your jaw remains healthy if you place a dental implant which also has a positive impact on overall oral health and shape of your face as you get older. While bridges can cause the gums to recede or become diseased in addition to the tissues surrounding the teeth and supporting them in the jaw, and this can lead to tooth loss.

Look and feel: Dental implants have a natural look and feel since they are natural looking and almost like a real tooth and have a very long lifespan and have a 10-year guarantee at SameDay dental implants. They are strong and stable and help you keep a confident smile. Bridges don’t always look natural and feel different since they are not attached to the jawbone and can sometimes draw attention if the color is not right or they are too big etc and don’t have such a long lifespan before requiring replacement.

Falling out: only in rare cases will a dental implant fall out, but if the clinic is certified with experienced dentists then the failure rate will be very minimal. Same Day have a 98% success rate with offering to replace the implant in case it fails. Dental bridges have a risk of breaking, cracking or even chipping in addition to falling out!

Teeth health: Dental implants will fit perfectly with surrounding teeth and not affect or harm the teeth in any way, while dental bridges can cause decay under the bridge, destroy big amounts of the surrounding teeth structures and possibly harm or kill the nerves or the teeth the dental bridge is attached to.

SameDay uses both angled wide and thin implants to avoid painful and complicated bone grafting before the procedure. This is carried out using the 3D CAT scanner to determine the exact place for the implant before the all-ceramic tooth (zirconia) is placed on the implant. The process is easy and quick because SameDay dental implants have a lab within the clinic making it easy to manufacture permanent teeth there.

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