Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

  • Endodontics is a discipline of dentistry focused on managing the dental pulp. Every tooth has a dental pulp is right in its center.
  • The pulp includes tissues including nerves and blood vessels which are significant whilst the tooth is developing, however an adult tooth may live perfectly well without the pulp. The tissues correlated with the dental pulp extend to the root canals in the tooth roots and you might need treatment in the event the pulp and these tissues become contaminated.
  • In this instance your dentist might recommend endodontic or root canal treatment. Your tooth may become contaminated if the external layer called the tooth enamel is broken or damaged in any manner

Why is it required?

  • Root canal treatment may remove this infection, eliminating the pain and discomfort while saving the tooth. Without root canal treatment then it is extremely likely that you'll lose the tooth as the infection may continue to improvement beyond the root canals and out to the enclosing tissues, causing an abscess.
  • Your dentist would love to assure you that this is not the case as they can use lots of anesthesia to keep you comfortable and root canal treatment should not feel any worse than having an ordinary filling. Frequently by this point the affected tooth is very debilitating and root canal treatment may get rid of this pain, so afterwards you'll feel far much more comfortable. 

What happens to the tooth?

  • Your tooth may become contaminated if the external layer called the tooth enamel is broken or damaged in any manner. 
  • This allows bacteria in the mouth area to get to the tooth where they may easily start to penetrate the dentin that lies just beneath your tooth enamel. 
  • Dentin is much softer and more readily eroded by these microorganisms, ultimately causing a cavity to type. 
  • Without prompt treatment, this cavity may achieve the pulp of the tooth and by this point you may have started to notice your tooth feels more very sensitive than normal, particularly to cold or hot.
  • As the microorganisms penetrate the pulp, the affected tooth might become increasingly painful and you may start to see it hurts to bite back on the tooth or that the gingiva enclosing the tooth appears red or swollen. 

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